In this walkthrough, Stray The Rooftops Chapter 5, we will guide you on how you can easily pass the rooftops after leaving the slums. The Stray is a game full of achievements and side quests while completing your main objective of the specific chapter.

Stray The Rooftops Chapter 5

After fixing the Transceiver, Momo directs you to the next area, The Roof. In this chapter, you need to go towards the highest tower where you install the Transceiver. Due to that Transceiver, Momo can communicate with its three friends. You can see the tower when the chapter starts, one with two lights on it.

The way towards the tower is not very difficult to reach the only problem is that along the way, you encounter lots of Zurks as you cannot kill them, so the only way is to dodge them by running.

Primary Objective of Chapter 5: The RoofTops 

  • Reach The Tall building and install the Transceiver

Tall Building

Use the bucket and reach an area with fencing where Zurks are lurking. Climb up the box that is across the fenced area. Attract the zurks toward you by meowing and dodge to escape from the area.

Next, you will reach an area where a rope suspends a metal beam. To avoid Zurks, lure them towards you by meowing and then jumping towards the other side using a beam. Follow the path and jump on a large pipe leading to a small area with a broken neon sign.

First Memory Location at The Rooftops in Stray
  • You will get B12’s memory from this neon sign to interact with it and gain that memory.

Leave that area and jump up on the beam and land on a metal shutter; from that metal shutter, jump on that beam and reach the other side where you see an empty barrel. Roll that barrel towards the edge and use that jump on a couple of beams to reach the next area.

After jumping into an area where zurks will be, the trick to clear that area is to attract them towards this side before hacking the door. Hack the door and attract them towards this side of the area. Once they are on this side, hack the door again to restrict them in that area. Now you can displace the barrel on the door’s other side.

Follow the path and pass through a small vent; you will reach an area full of zurk eggs. Proceed further, and you will land up in an area where zurks are locked up in a closed space.

Second Memory Location Of B12 at Rooftop
  • Before going up, that is where you will find B12’s next memory Neco Crop.

Go past the empty barrel straight into a small area where you can see zurk eggs. Interact with neon sign board to acquire B12’s memory.

Now to go up from this area, jump into the space where zurks are locked, run quickly and hack the door to open it. You can choose to kill them by rolling the barrel above them. After getting rid of the zurks, take the barrel beneath a metal beam and use the barrel to climb up that beam to reach the next area.

Last Phase Of The Roof Tops In Stray

Before reaching the final area, you will face a couple of zurks; avoid them by running away from them. Lastly, you will end up in an open space where you will see a lever that you can press down by jumping on. After jumping on that lever, distract the zurks for a while by running in zig-zag directions until a metal elevator can come down. Use that elevator to reach the tall tower by jumping inside and hacking it. Finally, install the Transceiver, and your main objective completes. As the tower turns on, you will get the full view of the area where B12 will have another flashback of its memory. To go back to Momo, jump in the bucket to go back.

This is all you need to know about The Rooftops in Stray. Need to know more? See Chapter 3 walkthrough, and Chapter 2 walkthrough.

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