In this guide, I’ll tell you everything about Stray The Flat in Chapter 3. It is a short chapter but plays big role in the story. You get access to B-12 in this chapter, who becomes your companions for the rest of the game.

On your left, as you enter the flat, you’ll notice a Scratch Point on the rug. You can scratch it and then jump onto the table and walk on the keyboard until the locked door is opened.

Stray The Flat Chapter 3

Continue carefully through the doorway that was previously blocked. There is only one way to open the next door, which is by the computer. Yet, to turn on the computer, you need to collect the 4x batteries. There are four batteries in this room that you must pick up and insert into slots on the computers at the front.

The Flat Battery Locations

  • The first battery is located at the top of the shelf, and you may use a stool for climbing.
  • On the middle room table, the second is waiting for you.
  • Both third and fourth batteries are around the trolley. Releases a trolley through the switch for the third battery and waits for the trolley to hit the wall for the fourth battery.

Once all four batteries have been put in place, the computers will start up, revealing a pathway that will take you to the next chamber. Inside the blue pod, leap onto the white ones, and break the box. After destroying the box, you will get your drop item. Place the burned-out light in the new room, and place it in the illuminated location on the computer wall.

Once you finish cutscenes, the next trophy will be waiting for you. Using the “□” key will allow B-12 to assist you and get the store items.

After you wake B-12 from his slumber, he immediately agrees to help you escape the facility.

  • The first step is to enter the room and engage through the closed door. Because B-12 has the keys, pick that choice from the menu. By pressing the “Left key,” turn on the flashlight.
  • On the next floor, you’ll see a locked door with a keypad. The code “3, 7, 4,8” may be found on a paint can in the chamber to your right.
  • After you’ve inserted the code, go outside and jump in the water to ride it down. You’ll converse with B-12, who will tell you about a Memory in the mural.

That’s everything you need to know on how to complete The Flat. Need more help? See Plant Locations, Mysterious Safe Password, Memory Locations.

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