One of the most fun things a cat can do is scratch walls, sofas, chairs etc., with its sharp nails. This fun activity wasn’t left out of the newly released Stray, a game about a brave cat navigating a dangerous world.

There are 12 chapters in Stray; each one features 1-3 scratch points for your cat. In this guide, we will share all Stray scratch point locations.

Stray Scratch Point Locations

Scratch Point Location #1: The first location is in chapter 1, which is the tutorial section of the game. While learning to jump for the first time, jump up twice to spot a tree to your left. This tree is your first scratch location.

Scratch Point Location #2: The second location is in chapter 2 after you break the window with a bucket. Go through the window, and you will enter an apartment with two carpets on the floor. These two carpets are your scratch points.

Scratch Point Location #3: The scratch point in chapter 3 is inside the apartment you start in. It is a carpet in the second room.

Scratch Point Location #4: in chapter 4, speak with the first humanoid robot and enter the garage with sleeping robots where you will find a carpet to scratch.

Scratch Point Location #5: There is a carpet on the rooftop at the start of chapter 5.

Scratch Point Location #6: At the start of chapter 6 you can scratch another carpet in Momo’s apartment.

Scratch Point Location #7: When you reach the Doc in Chapter 7, there is a wall you can scratch.

Scratch Point Location #8: In chapter 8 you will have to interact with 2 switches in the room with water to open the gate. In the room you will find cardboard to scratch.

Scratch Point Location #9: In chapter 9, as part of the main story, you get access to a memory, in the same spot you will find a board on the wall to scratch.

Scratch Point Location #10: After getting a memory as part of the main story in chapter 10, go through the train and head up the escalators. Enter the hole in the fence and turn right. Leave this room and go outside, head right and up the steps, turn left where you should see an elevator in a fence section, and cross the railing to reach behind the elevator where you should find a scratch point.

Scratch Point Location #11: In chapter 11 after you reunite with B-12, you will have to lock two Sentinels into a Storage Room. Go through the door after locking them in to find a tree to scratch.

Scratch Point Location #12: Part of the main story in chapter 12. Scratch the wall panel to unlock the door.

That’s the complete list of Stray scratch points. If you need more help, see the Stray guides hub.

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