In chapter 4 of Stray, you can head out to find a handful of notebooks and bring them back to Momo. You need to do this to progress in the main story. Momo is sad and won’t help you unless a bunch of notebooks is found.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on where to find all Stray notebooks. Once you have all the notebooks, you must bring them back to Momo.

Stray Notebook Locations

Notebook Location #1: Enter Momo’s apartment and speak with it to get the first notebook.

Notebook Location #2: Leave Momo’s flat, and you will be shown a window directly opposite his apartment. Cross over the rooftops and reach the window to gather your next notebook from inside the apartment.

Notebook Location #3: From Momo’s apartment, go right, and you will see a balcony at the very end. The balcony has a blue neon sign. Reach the balcony and slide under the door to reach the back area. Go to the bedroom to get the keys and go to the library section. Use the key to open the safe to get the next notebook.

Notebook Location #4: Locate the two robots throwing paint cans on the rooftops near Momo’s flats. Behind them is another flat with a blue neon sign on it. Reach the top of the flat and remove the battery from the ventilation unit. Drop down from the ventilation unit into the flat. Topple all boxes in the flat to find the final notebook.

That’s everything there is known about finding all Notebook locations. Need more help? See Plant Locations, The Slums Walkthrough, Memory Locations, and Energy Drink Locations.

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