Badges are one of the collectible types you can grab in Stay. One of the badge types is called Music Badge, which is acquired by collecting music sheets in Stray. You need to get all Badges to unlock the Badges trophy in the game.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about finding all music sheets in Stray. Music sheets should be given to Morusque, the robot, to finally unlock the music badge.

Stray Music Badge Locations

Music Sheet Location #1: Go to the front door of Momo’s apartment and look for a barred door nearby. Slip under the barred door and jump on the shelf to find the music sheet.

Music Sheet Location #2: Before reaching the window to Outsider’s building, locate the balcony to the right that has chairs and a table. The music sheet is sitting on the table.

Music Sheet Location #3: Enter Elliott’s Programming and locate the Companion Robot portrait on the opposite wall. You can find the music sheet under a postcard there.

Music Sheet Location #4: Purchase from Barterman for 1x Energy Drink.

Music Sheet Location #5: Go to the same room as the Slums memory and check the far wall for some tables, one of them as the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet Location #6: From the last music sheet, go through the glass screen and on the right for a bed. A small bookshelf is nearby that has a music sheet.

Music Sheet Location #7: Go to the Slums Library and find the picture of a robot near a piano. The piano has a music sheet on it.

Music Sheet Location #8: Open the library safe using code 1283 to get the music sheet.

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