It is hard to figure out what exactly a Dead City wants with energy drinks, but some robots seem to be very fond of them, and one of those robots is Azooz in Stray. The robot wants energy drinks, and it is up to our cute little furry friend to get them for him.

Energy drinks in Stray are used to buy music sheets and relics to restore one of B-12’s memories. To get energy drinks, you need to find vending machines. However, not every vending machine has energy drinks. In this guide, we will discuss all vending machine locations that have energy drinks for you.

Stray Energy Drink Locations

During our playthrough of Stray, it appears that Energy Drinks are exclusive to The Slums in chapter 4.

Location #1: Near Morusque, the musician, to the left of where you first met the Guardian. Morusque is the robot looking for music sheets; you can give him some if you have sheets.

Location #2: Go to the top of the alleyway you used to enter the Slums section. Jump on a nearby crate to reach the balcony that has a vending machine.

Location #3: Again, use the same alleyway by going down and taking a right. You will find another vending machine with an energy drink near the memories location of this area.

Location #4: Go up the house opposite the bar by climbing on top of a crate. When you reach the top of the building, you will be able to see the vending machine in the distance, in the southern part of the Slums. From there, jump across roofs to reach the vending machine.

You need to use your energy drinks before you leave the Slums. Otherwise, they become useless in other parts of the game. Need more help? See Memory Locations, Scratching Locations.

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