In chapter 2 of the game, there is a significant focus on platforming. First, you must leap over the fence, but the only way to do so is to find the rubbish bucket, which is likely on your right.

In fact, your primary goal is to reach a green water region. However, keep in mind that you are playing as a cat; thus, use floating barrels for swimming across the watery area.

Stray Dead City Walkthrough

Now drop into the window on the left. And don’t forget to bring a rubbish bucket for the next challenge. After making your way across the rooftops, you’ll come to a point where you need to push a paint can off a ledge to break a window and enter the next building.

When you finish your journey, turn around and look for one of the Scratch Points on the rug to interact with. In other words, you will not find any other Scratch Points.

As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually reach a point where you’re prompted to take an alley. At this point, “Can’t Catch Me” is waiting for you but be ready for Zurks. The key to saving your trophy from enemies is to press the “O” key. The trophy will be yours if you manage to make it all the way down the alleyway at the end. Congrats!

That’s everything you need to know about completing chapter 2, Dead City. Need more help? See Chapter 3, The Flat Walkthrough.

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