Stray is an adventurous game full of puzzles and mysteries. One of the puzzles you need to solve is the Computer Puzzle. The objective of the puzzle is to find all the batteries, which are hidden in various locations around the screen, and then connect them all to the power source. The mystery is quite challenging, but don’t worry; I’ll tell you everything about it in this guide.

Stray Computer Puzzle Solution

Solving Stray Computer Puzzle requires three things:

  • Interacting with the computer
  • Finding and Plugging the Switches
  • Taking Tiny Robot with you

Turning on the Computer in Stray

  • Go inside The Flat and find a mainframe computer screen.
  • After finding the computer, you will see a message “\NEED. HELP…”
  • Now jump over the keyboard to press a key, and on the screen, you will see another message “\DATA CORRUPTED. NEED HELP.”
  • Again Press the keyboard key. As a result, it will write “\BODY REQUIRED FOR DOWNLOAD. BODY REQUIRED…” and \ENTER THE DOOR. TURN ON. FIND A BODY.”
  • Once the messaging process is done, the left will automatically open for you.

Finding Switches For Powering the Computer in Stray

There are, in total, four switches you need to plug them and turn on to power up the computer.

Switch Location #1

The first switch is rather simple to find since it is located after the computer. Press the button on top of the Cat to trigger its actions. Next, push down the lever and hold it in place until the arrow lights up and you hear a click. Then let go of the lever when you see that the Cat has taken in your present, jump off it, and plug it into one of four outlets.

Switch Location #2

The second lever is found on the reverse side of the first. You’ll find a huge lever behind you. Reaching for and pulling down the lever as quickly as possible so that the equipment may be shut off from your second switch and you can plug it.

Switch Location #3

Now go back towards and jump on the shelf behind the monitor. You will find your third switch on the shelf, so go and plug it in.

Switch Location #4

On the left side of the computer, another shelf is used to reach the shelves and get your last power switch. Once you plug all the switches, there will be another open for you.

Finding Body To Help Out The Computer in Stray

  • Head towards the room, which was open by plugging all the switches.
  • Inside the room, you will find a robot body. The goal is to pick up the robot and put it over the computer so it can be turned on.
  • To fall out of the robot, you must request the box on the shelf to fall from the shelf over the robot.
  • Now take a robot with you and put it over the computer. The device inside the robot will turn on the computer.

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