There are a total of six Badges that can be found in Stray. Only one of these Badges is automatically acquired during the campaign. The others must be found which can be a little tough. In this Stray guide, we have detailed all there is to learn about getting all the Badges.

Stray Badges

There are six Badges that you can get in Stray. We have shared their locations below:

This one is inside a shop on the main street in Midtown. It should have green neon signs and a man arguing with the owner. It is hard to miss. As for the code, it should be written on the shelves.

You need to give Morusque in the Slums all 8x Music Sheets.

This one is un-missable. It is automatically acquired from Seamus.

You are required to get 3 colored Plants for Malo in the Antivillage – these are Yellow, Red, and Purple.

You need to head over to the Police Station in Central Midtown. Once there, head over to the alley on the left and continue to climb up the vents, and enter a barred window. There will be a robot inside that has the Police Badge.

For the Neco Badge, you need to return the Worker Keys after entering the Factory to get the battery. Once returned, you will get the Neco Badge.

This is all we have got in our Stray Badges guide. Be sure to see our detailed Stray guides hub for more help on the game.

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