Our little Stray cat can do a lot more than just exploring the Dead City. Stray can solve puzzles, climb the highest buildings, help B-12 regain its memories, and open safes and doors all over the place.

The entire game has a total of 4 safe codes and door codes. Usually, you can find them written on walls or whiteboards near the locked door or safe. Door and safe combinations are made up of 4 digits, and opening them gives our collectibles in Stray. However, some doors must be opened to progress in the main story.

Stray Safe Codes and Door Codes

As I mentioned above, you can find codes laying around near the locked door or safe. But if you are having difficulty finding them, here’s the complete list of codes you need to open safes and doors.

  1. Door Code (Chapter 2): 3748
  2. Safe Code (Chapter 4): 1283
  3. Door Code (Chapter 6): 2511
  4. Safe Code (Chapter 10): 8542

That’s everything you need to know about opening all safes and doors in Stray. Need more help? See Scratching locations and Memory locations.

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