Our Stranded Deep Vitals Guide will help players on how to keep a check on their vitals, status effects, how to use survival watch with its different modes.


Stranded Deep Vitals

Stranded Deep is all about surviving and keeping an eye on your character’s vitals. These include hunger, thirst, sleep, and health. Players need to be careful and be ever vigilant about their character’s vitals. Our Stranded Deep Vitals Guide will help you with how to best keep an eye of your character’s vitals, how to best use the watch, and more.

How To Use Survival Watch

The “Survival Watch” in Stranded Deep is the most important piece of equipment for the players.

The watch not only displays how many days the player has survived, time of day, and other stuff but, it also a way to monitor the character’s health, hunger, sleep, and thirst without breaking immersion.


If one of the vitals are low, the watch will show a notification. There are different modes in the Survival Watch that display different information. Players can changes modes by pressing the left mouse button. Here is what each Survival Watch mode does.

Mode 1

This is the default Survival Watch mode that displays the current temperature, date, in-game time of day, number of days survived, and weather forecast.

Mode 2

Mode 2 displays the most important information to the player. This mode displays health, hunger, thirst, and sleep meters. If any of the meters are depleted, the character will receive a status effect.

Player health is displayed by the heart icon. Taking damage will result in the player’s health dropping and if it’s completely depleted then the player character will die.


Players need to check their character’s arm regularly as they reveal health issue and most effects have an impact on health over time. Players can refill the health bar by eating and drinking. Sleeping will also regenerate health but at the cost of thirst and hunger.

The hunger meter is represented by the ham shank icon. To fill the hunger meter, players need to consume eatable items like fish and Coconuts. However, don’t consume raw crab or potatoes as they will make the player character ill or poisoned.

obviously, once the hunger meter is depleted the character will begin to starve. Also, status effects like Broken Bones and Poisoning have a negative impact on hunger meter.

The droplet icon displays the thirst meter. Players must drink distilled water, Coconut milk, or bottled water to keep the meter from depleting. Once the thirst meter is depleted, the player’s character will start to dehydrate. Check our Drinkable Water guide to see how to keep your character hydrated.


Mode 3

This mode displays the active status effects such as Healthy, Poisoning, Broken Bones, Bleeding, Starvation, Sunstroke, or Dehydration.

Mode 4

This Survival Watch mode displays the player’s skill level.

Player Effects

Player Effects are basically status effects that can be beneficial or damaging depending on the cause. Health Regeneration regenerates the player’s health over time. If both hunger and thirst meters are above 80% then player health will regenerate 1% per second.


Stranded Deep has four skills in total that players need to level up. These include Craftsmanship, Hunting, Cooking, and Physical. Also, these skills have a direct impact on the player’s vitals.

This skill allows players to build structures and tools. Players have to craft things in order to level up this skill which will allow them to craft even more items. Using crafting players can build Solar Still for a continuous supply of water so that players don’t dehydrated.

Hunting is a skill that allows players to deal more damage. Players can hunt Sharks, Crabs, Seagulls, Bats, Boars, and Hogs. The higher your skill level the higher the damage the players will deal.

This skill allows players to make more food out of the normal food items. The more the player cook the better they become and they can even cook better meals. This skill is important to keep hunger meter from depleting.

This skill increases the player’s health. Physical can only be leveled up by running and can increase player breath too.

That is all for our Stranded Deep Vitals Guide with tips on how to keep a check on your vitals, how to use Survival Watch, and more. For more on the game also see How to Kill Great White Sharks and How to Kill Tiger Shark.

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