Wood is a great resource to have in Stranded Deep as it is used for many crafting recipes. Of course, wood comes from trees in Stranded Deep. There are three types of trees in the game and in this guide, we will discuss how much wood they drop and what tools you need to cut them down.


Stranded Deep Trees Cutting And Tools

As mentioned, there three types of trees in the game – Palm Trees, Focus Trees, and Pine Trees.

Palm Tree

The Palm tree is a common tree in Stranded Deep and it can be cut down with a range of tools, depending on the height. When cut down it gives 1-4 Wood Logs and since Palm Trees have a Palm part at the top, you can cut that to get Palm Fronds. Palm Trees are also the only source of Coconuts in Stranded Deep. Overall, Palm tree offers Cococunts, Palm Fronds, and Wood Sticks. Tools used to cut down a Palm Tree include Stone Tool, Crude Axe, Refined Axe, Refined Knife. Palm Trees are found on both small and large Islands.

Ficus Tree

One of the trees in Stranded Deep is the Ficus Tree. Unlike the Palm Tree don’t expect this one to give Wood Logs when cut down. They don’t offer coconuts and Palm Fronds as well. You can get 1-4 Wood Sticks. Ficus Trees are found on Small Islands. Tools needed to cut down a Ficus Tree include Stone Tool, Crude Axe, Refined Axe, Refined Knife.


Pine Tree

This is the most useless tree in Stranded Deep. It can not be cut down or used in any way. It can not be damaged as well but developers may change this in a future update. We’ll have to wait and see. This marks the end of our Stranded Deep Trees guide. If you need more help with the game check out theĀ  Stranded Deep Wiki Page.


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