Stranded Deep Missions Guide – How to Complete All Missions

Stranded Deep missions

Stranded Deep is a free-spirited open-world survival game. You can hunt sharks, chop down trees, and craft new items and structures. There is no set structure for the game but there are some missions you can complete. In this guide, we will explain what the missions are in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep Missions

There are three main missions in the game and each of them revolves around killing a certain boss. Every mission boss has unique combat abilities which makes it hard to beat them. Bosses in Stranded Deep are very hard to beat. You can expect to be bleeding for sure when facing these creatures in Stranded Deep. There are three types of missions in Stranded Deep.

  • Kill the Eel
  • Kill the Megaladon
  • Kill the Squid

You need 30+ speargun arrows to kill each of these enemies and complete all missions in Stranded Deep. Once you expect the mission a music sequence will play and a mission area will be marked on the map. There will be no other creatures around the area when you are taking on the Megaladon, Eel, or Squid. This makes it easier for the player to take down the boss. It is best that you don’t fight the creatures during the night time or when it is raining. Visibility is highly important when it comes to boss fights in Stranded Deep.

This marks the end of our Stranded Deep Missions guide if you need more help with the game check out the Stranded Deep Wiki.

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