Our Stranded Deep Farming Guide will help you step-by-step on how to construct a Farm Plot and how to plant, water, and harvest.


How To Farm

Farming in Stranded Deep is an effective way to generate food but at the cost of freshwater. Once players start farming, they need to check up on their farm every 36 in-game hours.

While farming consumes water, however, even if it doesn’t’ rain and if players are farming tropical fruits, farming will return more-or-less the exact amount of water used. Our Stranded Deep Farming Guide will help you with how to construct a farm and how to plant, water, and harvest.

How To Construct Farm Plot

Players first need to construct a Crude Hoe and for that, they need the following materials.

  • Wood Stick x2
  • Stone Tool x1
  • Lashing x1

Now that the Crude Hoe is constructed, players can now construct a Farm plot with the following materials.

  • Plank Scrap x2, or
  • Corrugated Scrap x2, or
  • Wood Stick x4 and Lashing x1

When players are placing the Farm plots, they can overlap it with rocks and other plants. However, the plots can’t overlap with Palm Trees or player built structures. Furthermore, the Farm plot can be planted on Sand or dirt.

How To Plant, Water, And Harvest

To plant, take an Aloe Vera, Quwawa or Kura Fruit in hand and go to the Farm plot. Left-click to plant and even the spoiled fruit can be used to plant. However, Wild potatoes can’t be farmed.

After that, a sapling will appear where you planted and will mature in 48 in-game hours and will produce a single fruit. Left-click to pick up the fruit and the plant will start another growth cycle and so starts a continual harvest cycle.


A newly constructed Farm Plot has 5 Water Charges which will dry out in 36 – 48 in-game hours. If there is no water charge then the plant will die.

To water the Farm Plot, players need a Water Skin or Clay Water Bottle. Keep it in the hand, go the Farm and left-click and one serving will be removed from the bottle and Water Charges will be refilled. If it rains, the Water Charges will be fully restored.

That is all for our Stranded Deep Farming Guide with tips on how to construct a farm and how to plant, water and harvest. For more on the game also see How To Craft Weapons, Tools And Buildings and Food and Water Guide.


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