Our Stranded Deep guide will help you step-by-step on how to get drinkable water and how players can store it for future use.

How To Get Drinkable Water

Stranded Deep puts a lot of emphasis on players keeping themselves in a good shape. The game is all about resource management and survival. Players need to keep track of their health, hunger, hydration, and sleep.

Deprive your character of any of these and players will start seeing side-effects. Here we will focus on how to get drinkable water in Stranded Deep.


Coconuts are found in abundance on the plan trees. Just go to a palm tree and grab a Coconut. Players can grab all of the Coconuts from the trees and store them as they don’t rot.

Now that players have a Coconut, they need to drop it on the ground and hit it once with their Refined Knife. The Coconut is now a Drinkable Coconut.

Equip the Drinkable Coconut and press the left mouse button to drink it. One Coconut will only replenish one bar of the player’s hydration level. Once the player has consumed the water, they can drop the coconut and split it using the Crude Axe and eat it.

Quwawa Fruit

Quwawa Fruit plant can be found on one of the islands, however, players can farm them too. Unlike Cococuts, Quwawa Fruit will rot if you just keep it around or transport it after harvesting it. So only harvest it if you are in the need of water or food.

Equip the Quwawa Fruit and eat it by pressing the left mouse button. This fruit only replenishes one food and one hydration bar for the player.

Solar Still

First players need to construct a Solar Still and for that, they need Lashing, Tarp, and Rocks x3. Go to your crafting menu and construct the Solar Still. Also, you need to find a good spot for the Solar Still.

The Solar Still will be full of water after some time, to get the water you need an empty Drinkable Coconut. Equip the empty Drinkable Coconut and interact with the Solar Still.

Players can only retrieve one drink of water at a time. A full Solar Still has a total of five drinks of water. Drink the water from the Drinkable Coconut and repeat the process.

Another way to store water is the Leather Waterskin which they need to craft. The Leather Waterskin requires leather x2, Stick, and Tanning Rack. It can hold a maximum if three drinks of water. To drink from Waterskin, just equip it and press the left mouse button to drink.

Clay Water Bottle is another way to store drinkable water. To make a Clay Water Bottle, players need a Furnace, Clay x2, and a Lashing. To construct a Furnace, players need Lashing x2, Wood Stick x3, and Clay x6.

Clay Water Bottle can store a maximum of 5 drinks of water and players can carry it with them from island to island. Press the left mouse button to drink water from the Clay Water Bottle.

That is all for our Stranded Deep Guide in how to get and store drinkable water. For more on the game also see our Food and Water Guide and Trees Guide.

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