Stranded Deep has some scary creatures and wildlife. In this guide, we will discuss where to find all creatures in Stranded Deep and what rewards you can get out of them.


Stranded Deep Creatures Locations and Rewards

Stranded Deep has a ton of creatures and the majority of them are found hanging around the Island or in the water. However, some of them are story creatures so you need to progress the game in order to find them.

Creature/Wildlife  Where to Find  Reward 
Sardine  Found near shallow waters  1x Small Meat 
Archer Fish  Commonly found surrounding Island waters  1x Small Meat 
Discus  Commonly found surrounding Island waters  1x Small Meat 
Cod  Deep ocean waters  1x Medium Meat 
Giant Grouper Fish  n/a  2x Medium Meat 
Tiny Fish  n/a  Can’t be killed 
Crab  Shallow waters and Island shorelines  1x Small Meat 
Giant Crab  n/a  2x Medium Meat 
Seagull  Flying around islands  1x Small Meat 
Bat  Flying around islands at night  1x Small Meat 
Boar  Large islands  2x Medium Meat, 2 Raw Hide 
Giant Hog  n/a  4x Raw Hide, 2x Large Meat 
Snake  Hiding within vegetation  1x Small Meat 
Lion Fish  Shallow waters  Used as repellent 
Sea Snake  Shallow waters  Can’t be killed 
Sea Urchin   Found on the ocean floor  Can’t be killed 
Crown of Thorns Starfish  Found on beaches in shallow beaches, often on coral and rocks  Can’t be killed 
Starfish  Found on the ocean floor  Can’t be killed 
Stingray  Shallow waters  2x Small Meat 
Reef Shark  Shallow waters  Can’t be killed 
Tiger Shark  Shallow waters  3x Large Meat 
Hammerhead Shark  n/a  3x Large Meat, 3x Large Meat 
Great White Shark  Deep Oceans  4x Large Meat, 4x Raw Hide 
Marlin  Deep Oceans  4x Large Meat 
Humpback Whale  Deep Oceans  Can’t be killed 
Great Shark  Story creature found eating dead whale bodies  Trophy piece 
Eel  Story creature found in Submarine Wreck  Trophy piece 
Squid  Story creature  Trophy piece 

 This marks the end of our Stranded Deep Creatures and Wildlife Locations guide. If you need more information about the game checks out the Stranded Deep Wiki.