One of the main gameplay mechanics in Stranded Deep is cooking. The player can cook various recipes to feed himself instead of eating raw food items. Cooking items in Stranded Deep helps you avoid getting side effects.

How to Cook in Stranded Deep

The very first thing you need to do is create a campfire using 5x Wood Sticks because of course, you need fire to cook everything. You can also create a more durable Fire Pit with rocks. Every food item you can cook in Stranded Deep first needs to be Skinned. You will need a Refined Knife to skin everything that’s cookable.

Once you have fire in the form of a campfire or fire pit. Dragging becomes a crucial part of cooking from thereon. The items you can interact with are highlighted in Orange. Drag the item you want to cook and place it on the fire. Make sure it doesn’t fall out of the fire and interrupt the cooking process.

Fire Pit is far easier as you can simply throw the item in the pit until it cooks so you won’t have to monitor the cooking process. Once your food is properly cooked a sound will alert you. You can also make use of a foundation to help with the process of cooking. You can build a foundation over a campfire or fire pit which acts as a barbecue grill that can hold multiple pieces of food at the same time.

This marks the end of our Cooking guide but if you need more help with the game check out Stranded Deep Wiki.

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