After years of wait, Stranded Deep is finally out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, It is time to sit back and relax; try to survive in the harsh environment of Stranded Deep while sipping Monster on the couch. Newcomers would need a survival guide and we are here to help.


Stranded Deep Beginner’s Guide To Survival

When you enter the game and have control, grab the paddle and reach the closets Island. Once you do the real survival begins.

Surviving Day 1

Once you reach the Island, explore for any shipwrecks on the Island as they can be a great source for valuable items. It would be perfect if you can find an axe or machete, however, if not, look for at least one stick, one rock, and one lashing which you can get from Yucca Plants. Place all of the items in a pile and craft a crude axe. Use this axe to chop down 3-4 trees. You can know all about trees in our Stranded Deep trees guide. Gather as many coconuts as you can before you go looking for a camping spot. The ideal camping spot is any surface that’s flat and unobstructed.

Drag your chopped down trees to this area, deposited the coconuts, and other materials you have gathered. Chop the palm trees to get sticks. Use the sticks to create a campfire but don’t light the campfire immediately. Wait for night time before you light the campfire. You can turn your campfire into a firepit by adding 6 rocks and then a firepit by adding 3 sticks and a lashing. Spend the rest of the day gathering food items such as crabs, coconuts, and more trees for the campfire.

Surviving Night 1

When night comes you should light the campfire using the lighter. You can add more sticks or palm fronds to the fire to keep it going through the night. If you have a firepit you can cook crabs throughout the night. You can cook crabs by holding them over a campfire in case you don’t have a firepit but this isn’t the most efficient way. You can spend the night chopping trees into sticks, keep an eye on your hunger and thirst. Stay hydrated using green coconuts. Use crabs and potatoes to deal with hunger. Never eat raw food as it has negative effects that make you sick. Sardines are an exception to this rule though.

What’s Next?

On day two is usually a good idea to explore the nearby Islands. Leave all items behind, take the paddle, and go to the desired island. It is very easy to get lost so make sure you know how to use a compass or are good at keeping your eyes on the Island. When you reach the new Island take everything you need for your home Island, explore, and gather as many resources as possible. Go back to your Home Island before night time.

Keeping yourself organized is a really important part of Stranded Deep. For example, you can use upside down rafts to store coconuts. If you drop Palm Fronds at the same time they will form a neat little stack.

How To Use Compass

Compass is an important tool for the players to navigate and without it, they’ll get lost easily. Here we will discuss the basic navigation using the compass.

Equip the compass and point towards the island to which you want to travel. Read the bearing that the read pin is pointing at. Keep this in mind because if you get lost while traveling them you can again align your character back on the course using the compass.

Also, take note of the bearing pointed by the white pin. This one is required if you want to come back. However, for some reason players didn’t note the bearing pointed by the white needle, there is no need to panic.

You can determine the bearing for your way back using the bearing of the red pin. If the value is less than 180, add 180 to it and it’ll be more or less the bearing that’ll get you back. If the value is greater than 180, then subtract 180 from it.


If players want to survive then they’ll be crafting a lot on Stranded Deep. Here is what you need to know about Crafting and building mechanics.

There are a lot of items that players can craft and like many other games, players need crafting material and tools to craft items. We recommend making a hammer fist, otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the crafting menu.

Once you have the materials to craft an item, you need to drag the materials and put them together in one place. Remember, you always need to put the crafting material on the ground in order to craft items.

Hold the right mouse button to drag the materials. Once the materials are together, a tooltip icon will appear. Hold down the left mouse button to see what you can craft and choose from the available options.

Keep And Eye On Your Vitals

Players need to check their vitals from time to time using the Survival Watch. The vitals include health, hunger, thirst, and water.

Players need to keep these vital meters from depleting otherwise they’ll receive negative status effects like dehydration and starvation and they’ll start losing health. Check our Vitals Guide to see how you can use The Survival Watch and change its modes.

Food And Cooking

Hunger is one of the main things that players need to keep in check. If the hunger is depleted, the player character will starve. Look for the Potato bushes or Potato plant and eat it raw and it won’t poison the player.

However, most food can’t be eaten raw as it’ll poison them. Players will need a knife or an axe to get the Potatoes by clicking the left mouse button.

Eating Coconuts is another way to satisfy hunger. Coconuts can be acquired from the trees.

Drop it on the ground and if you hit it once, it’ll become Drinkable Coconut which has only one drink of water. Hit it twice and it’ll break and players can eat it.

Cooking is the better way to prepare meals to keep the player character well-fed. Players need a fire pit to cook food. To cook fish, crab or shark meat, equip it, and point the cursor towards the fire pit.

Press the left mouse button and shortly after you’ll have a cooked meal. A cooked meal is better than eating raw ingredients as it will restore the health and hunger meter more efficiently.

Don’t Dehyderate

Players need to keep their thirst in check because if the thirst meter is depleted the player character will dehydrate. The easiest way to replenish the thirst meter is the Coconut.

Grab a coconut and place it on the ground. Hit it once and it’ll become a drinkable Coconut which has only one drink of water. As for other ways to get drinkable water, check our guide on How To Get Drinkable Water.

That’s all from the beginner’s guide of Stranded Deep. If you need to know about other aspects of the game such as crafting, and how to make drinkable water, visit the Stranded Deep Wiki.