The Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2 is out now and Bungie has added a ton of content to the game including a new Darnkness subclass called Strand. You can access it by completing the new Lightfall campaign but unlocking the different Strand Fragments and grenades requires some grinding. In this Destiny 2 guide, we cover how you can get Strand Meditations and unlock Fragments.

Getting Strand Meditations In Destiny 2

After you have completed the Lightfall campaign, talk to Zavala and Ikora in the tower and then head over to the Hall of Heroes on Neomuna. Meditate here to unlock the Strand subclass. You will now need to unlock the different Fragments and grenades for the new Darkness subclass. You can buy these with Strand Meditations, the new currency that you can earn in the following ways:

  • Defeating enemies with Strand anywhere
  • Defeating Neomuna High-Value Targets
  • Completing Patrols on Neomuna
  • Completing Public Events on Neomuna
  • Completing Quests on Neomuna
  • Reaching Nimbus Vendor Rank 18

We recommend completing Public Events and Patrols in patrol zones marked as Vex Incursion Zones. During the first week of Lightfall’s release, this is south towards the Liming Harbor. Killing enemies with Strand abilities will drop green motes, which you need to pick up.

Not that all of the Strand Fragments cannot be obtained during the first week. Only four of them will be available from March 7th and the next four will be available after the first completion of the new raid. Each Strand Fragment costs 200 Strand Meditation and each Grenade costs 50 Strand Meditation.

This is how you can get Strand Meditations in Destiny 2 Lightfall. To learn more, check out our guide on how you can unlock additional loadout slots.

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