How To Find And Store Water In Last Oasis

Last Oasis Water Store

If you want to survive in Last Oasis then finding and storing water is going to be vital. In this guide, we are going to go over how you can find and store water in Last Oasis.

How To Find And Store Water In Last Oasis

The following is what you need to know about finding water in the game.

Cactus Fruit and Cactus Flesh

These are great sources of water early on in the game. You can get Cactus Flesh by hitting the plant with a tool or weapon. You can eat it via the inventory. Cooking it at a campfire is also a great option as it allows you to save it for later on.

Purify Contaminated Water

You can purify water in the game. You can use the campfire to purify water and then store it in bottles to save it for later.

Last Oasis Water Store

Aloe Vera

This is similar to Cactus fruit and is a great source of water in the game.

Stomping Station

This allows you to produce water. Put Aloe Vera and Catus into it and it is going to squeeze the water out of them. The pace is slower than a campfire. The following are the recipes that you should know about:

  • 1x Aloe Vera = 3x Water
  • 3x Cactus = 1x Water
  • 1x Cactus Fruit = 12x Water

If you are going to store water for later then you are going to need to craft bottles. In order to do that you need to unlock the Makeshift Bottle recipe in the equipment tree.

These can be crafted from 5 fiber and 5 wood. This is a great way of storing water early on in the game. Once you have made a bottle, double-click water in your inventory and it will be transferred into the bottle. The bottle has 20 durability.

This is how you can find water in Last Oasis and store it for later. You can also check out our resources guide.

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