Do you feel like you are unable to hit targets in Baldur’s Gate 3 because you always miss? Everything in the game has a chance of hitting or missing, depending on the dice rolls. If you have no modifiers, then you have a 50% chance of hitting your enemy, which is essentially a coin flip. If you land on heads, then you will hit your enemy, but if you get tails, then you will miss. In this Baldur’s Gate 3 guide, we go over some tips and tricks that will help you land attacks and avoid missing.


Baldur’s Gate 3: Tips To Avoid Missing Attacks

The following are some Baldur’s Gate 3 tips that will help you land hits and keep your attacks from missing every time.

Make Use Of Proficiency

Each class in the game has proficiency with different weapons and armor based on race and class. Proficiency adds a bonus to your dice roll. Your dice roll is generally between 1 and 20. If you need a 5 to attack and you roll a 3 but you have 2 Proficiency, then your roll will be 3+2=5. So Proficiency will increase your chances of landing attacks and avoid missing.

You get Proficiency from your class ability. If you are a cleric, then the chance of your spells hitting is going to depend on how high your wisdom stat is. Similarly, the wizard will depend on the intellect stat. Getting a high main stat is going to improve your Proficiency and allow you to land hits more consistently.


Things are a bit different when it comes to weapons. If you are using a melee weapon, then you typically want to get as much strength as possible, and if you are using a ranged weapon, then you want as much dexterity as possible. Finesse weapons scale with both strength and dexterity.

As your level increases, you will gain higher Proficiency. On explorer difficulty, you gain +4 from level 1 to 4, +5 from level 5 to 8, and +6 from level 9 to 12. The Proficiency bonus decreases on higher difficulties.

Use Weapons With Enchantments And Buffs

There are weapons in the game that have enchantments and a number next to enchantment. This number is added to your dice roll, allowing you to land hits more consistently and avoid missing your attacks.

Buffs can also add to your dice roll, similar to Proficiency, but not exactly the same. Buffs such as Bless will allow you to hit more consistently in Baldur’s Gate 3 and help you to avoid missing attacks. Bless is best used at the beginning of combat so that it affects as many turns as possible. Bards, with their Bardic inspiration, are great for dealing consistent hits as well.

Bless Buff to stop missing in Baldur's Gate 3

Advantage Helps You Land Attacks Consistently

Advantage is a bit different from Proficiency. Proficiency sometimes is not enough to balance out bad RNG. Advantage will help you balance out the RNG by allowing you to roll two dice rather than one. The game will then select the highest of the dice rolls. Think of this as flipping two coins rather than one and then selecting the coin with heads. A coin flip has a 50% chance of getting heads; if you do two coin flips, then you have a better chance of getting heads compared to a single coin flip.

Cleric spells such as Guiding Bolt, for example, are great for getting advantage. Having the high ground in a fight will also give you advantage, giving you a higher chance of landing attacks. Sneak attacks also have advantage and a high chance of hitting.

We recommend using both Proficiency and Advantage to help you land hits. If you have too much Proficiency, but your Advantage is nil, then it is not going to be helpful.

Picks Spells That Dont Miss

Spells That Dont Miss Baldur's Gate 3

There are spells that you can use that do not have a chance of missing. Furthermore, there are spells that might have a chance to miss but still deal half the damage if they do miss. Spells like Cloud of Daggers or Shatter are great examples, and you should use these if you are unable to land consistent hits and find yourself missing your attacks.


Do Not Wear Armor You Are Not Proficient With

If you wear armor you are not proficient with, then you will be at a disadvantage, and you will be penalized on your rolls. This advantage means that you roll the dice twice, and the lower value will be picked. This means that the probability of rolling a low number is increased, and you will miss.

Move Your Ranged Character Away From Enemies

If you are using a ranged character, then you should move away from an enemy that is standing near you. If you attack while you are near an enemy, then you will have a disadvantage even if you target an enemy other than the one standing close to you.

Your Position Can Be Important

Attacking from the front might seem like the obvious move, but you can have a higher chance of landing a hit if you attack from the flank or from the back. Similarly, stealth attacks will have a much higher chance of landing, no matter if they are melee or ranged attacks.

Debuff The Enemy

You can debuff the enemy to make them easier to hit. Acid is an easy one that lowers enemy armor and makes it easier to hit them. You can also apply other effects such as blind or ensnare. Note that enemies can apply these effects to you as well.

These are some Baldur’s Gate 3 tips that will help you avoid missing attacks, and land hits consistently. To learn more, check out our guide on how D20 works. You can also check out our guide on how you can change your dice skin.