Stoneshard Herbs and Mushrooms are various effects on gameplay, they are two types of consumables. Since the game is in early access and it seems that the developers might have plans to expand Herbs and Mushrooms to the potions system.

But for now, these consumable items are used to get boosts, etc. In our Stoneshard consumables guide, we will explain what herbs and mushrooms do, their stats, and effects.

Stoneshard Consumables

There are around 7 different herbs in Stoneshard. We are still playing the game so we might find more types of consumables and also the game might get more items like this upon full release. Each herb has different effects on your character in Stoneshard.

Herbs List

One of the most valuable herb consumable is peppermint in Stoneshard. You can eat it before a dungeon and for every 45th turn, you get a good boost. Meanwhile, Horsetail gives you good healing.

Herbs  Stats and Effects 
  • Energy Replenishment: +5 
  • Health Restoration: +0.5% (45 x) 
  • Immunity: +1% 
  • Intoxication Change: -0.2% (45 x) 
  • Pain Resistance: +5% (45 x) 
  • Pain Change: -0.5% (45 x) 
  • Morale Change: +0.1% (45 x) 
  • Bleed Resistance: +3% (45 x) 
  • Pain Resistance: +5% (45 x) 
  • Energy Replenishment: +1 
  • Health Restoration: +1% (45 x) 
  • Immunity: +3% 
  • Intoxication Change: +0.1% (45 x) 
  • Health Restoration: +0.2% (45 x) 
  • Immunity: +1% 
  • Intoxication Change: -0.01% (45 x) 
  • Health Restoration: +0.25% (45 x) 
  • Healing Efficiency: +5% (45 x) 
  • Bleed Resistance: +5% (45 x) 
  • Hunger Resistance:+5% (45 x) 
  • Intoxication Change: +5% (45 x) 
  • Healing Efficiency: +10% (45 x) 
  • Immunity: +2% 

Mushrooms List

Similer to herbs mashrooms also have various effects and stats.

Mushrooms  Stats and Effects 
  • Hunger: -2% 
  • Intoxication: -3% 
  • Energy Replenishment: +2 
Fly Argaric 
  • Hunger: -1% 
  • Intoxication: +40% 
  • Sanity: -20% 
Death Cap 
  • Hunger: -1% 
  • Intoxication: +60% 
  • Sanity: -10% 

 Tips for Using Herbs and Mushrooms

In Stoneshard one of the most useful herbs is Mindwort. It can remove bad trip/drunk status effects so it is great when used with alcoholic beverages. Herbs and Mushrooms are consumables items in Stoneshard. However, these are listed as “ingredients” in the game. This indicates that developers plan to add a crafting system for potions. Moreover, herbs take up plenty of space in the inventory so it’s not the best idea to carry them around, however, during long trips they can help survive fights and recover HP. This marks the end of our Stoneshard consumables guide for herbs and mushrooms. Disclaimer: The guide will be updated with more information soon.

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