You need a horse in Stoneshard but to get a horse you need to complete contracts. However, the contracts for the horse are available with an old man simply known as the elder. In our Stoneshard elder location guide, we will tell you where to find the elder and get the contracts for from him.

Where to Find the Elder

The elder is a useful man and you need to know where he is in order to get contracts from him. He is in charge of contracts in the tiny village you start your journey from. You will hear about the elder for the first time when Verren directs you to him to get three contracts completed. You will be able to see your objective of three contracts at the top left corner of the screen. While Verren tells you what to do, he doesn’t tell you where to find this elder of the village. You must go and speak with the barkeep to know where the elder is. The elder, named Odar, can be found in the village hall which is near the market. You can see the image above to help you locate the elder.

Go out of the bar after speaking with the barkeep and head to the market area. You will see a large fenced area where there are some chickens, the large building next to it, as seen in the picture above, is the building you are looking for. Head inside the building and use the stairs at the back to get to the second floor where the elder can be found. Speak to him to get the contracts you need.

This marks the end of our Stoneshard Elder location guide that explains where to find the elder. If you need more help with the game check out our how to save, and the Ascended Archon guide.

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