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Stoneshard Cooking Guide – Recipes, How to Cook


Learning how to cook in Stoneshard is one of the many things you should do when you first fire up the game. As complicated as Stoneshard is, cooking in the game is relatively a simple affair. This guide will help you learn all about how can you cook in the game.

Cooking in Stoneshard

As mentioned earlier, cooking in Stoneshard isn’t nearly as complex as some of the other mechanics, especially inventory management and defeating bosses.

To start, the first thing that you need to do is to find a fireplace out in the world. One of the most popular one is in Osbrook (the town where you find the chest to store items) right next to the Herbalist.

While you’re near a campfire, all you need to do is to click on it and select the option to cook raw food. That’s literally all there is to cooking in the game.

However, I should also mention that cooking isn’t a part of Stoneshard in its full capacity. It’s a mechanic that we expect to be implemented with a little more depth in the future but the basics should remain the same.

As of right now, the only cooking recipe that you can make in the game is Vension. When cooked, Vension reduces hunger by -40% and provides you with +15% hunger resistance, which is huge in this game.

You should also be able to sell the cooked items to vendors for an even larger profit.

Another thing, fairly obvious, that you need in order to cook in the game is materials. You should be able to find cooking materials while exploring different dungeons and from hunting.

For instance, Raw Vension is required to cook the only available recipe in Stoneshard as of now. To find Raw Vension in the game, you need to hunt down a Deer or a Moose. There are other animals as well but they don’t drop Vension right now.

Cooking Recipes

The following are all the cooking recipes that we’ve discovered in Stoneshard thus far:

1. Cooked Vension
Campfire + Raw Vension
Reduces hunger by -40% and increases hunger resistance by +15%.

Our Stoneshard Cooking Guide is a work-in-progress as of now. We’ll add more recipes to the guide in the coming days. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Stoneshard guides page.

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