If you are interested in completing Stoneshard 100% then you will have to get each and every achievement. In this Stoneshard achievements guide, we are going to go over every achievement that you need to get.


Stoneshard Achievements

The following are all the achievements in the game and how you can get them:

Achievement Description Explanation 
Absolutely Legal Use Ether Inhaler In the tutorial, destroy an explosive barrel. This will hurt you. Use the ether inhaler to treat your wounds.
Watch Me Rise Complete the tutorial Complete the tutorial
Bella Lugosi is Dead Disrupt Archon’s ritual Defeat the tutorial boss
Last Hope Find the Stoneshard After killing the first boss, go out of the church. The shard is located in a hole between three guys you rescue. Put the shard in your inventory.
That’s Brutal! Die during the tutorial Stand in range of the exploding barrels. This will kill you.
Comeback! Have your health reduced to 1 point, survive and restore it back to at least 50% Use enemies or traps to get to 1 hp. Be sure to survive and find a save spot. Rest in order to heal.
Dressed to Kill Equip an item to every slot. Rings and amulet slots don’t count Equip an item in every slot except ring and amulet.
Legalize Drugs and Murder Kill any enemy while experiencing Bad Trip Bad Trip is a status effect you get after consuming the Herbs Extract or with a little chance by stardust. Kill an enemy with this effect active.
Dear Diary… Collect and read all 5 diary pages Collect and read all 5 diary pages
Right-click and read them all! Bad Luck Vampire Extravaganza Kill at least one vampire of every type in a single run.

This is how you can get all the achievements in Stoneshard and complete the game 100%. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our combat guide.