Steelrising gives you the chance to play in your favorite class. There are four different classes to choose from Bodyguard, Soldier, Dancer, and Alchemist. In this guide, we will go over what each class is best at and give some tips on which class you should choose based on your playstyle. Don’t get too hung up on it if you end up in the wrong class. You can always modify your class later to better fit your gaming style.


Steelrising Class One: Bodyguard

The Bodyguard is a melee-based class specializing in close combat and taking down enemies with brute force. They have high health and defense stats, making them great at damaging tanking. However, their lack of speed can make them vulnerable to long-range attacks.

The Bodyguard class is perfect for you if you enjoy playing a more aggressive playstyle and don’t mind getting up close and personal with your enemies.

Bodyguard Stats:

Attributes Benefit
+3 Increased Durability The Bodyguard has an edge in health and balance compared to other classes.
+2 Increased Engineering: This class provides extra protection (strong armor), makes it more likely to find loot, and increases the usefulness of alchemical afflictions.
Base Physical  Damage 74

Best Weapons:

Weapon Benefit
Body of Work With just a few hits, you can take down Automats.
Shield The shield gives the Bodyguard class an easy way to block enemy attacks.
Petrification Grenade When struck, the projectile paralyzes an opponent.

Steelrising Class Two: Soldier

If you’re one of those individuals who enjoy a well-rounded class, start your Steel Rising adventure as a Soldier. She has decent health but is strong and can utilize hefty weapons to take down enemies. The Bodyguard might have more brute force, but the Soldier makes up for it in ranged options and better versatility.

Soldier Stats:

Attributes Benefit
+3 Increased Power Aegis will be able to deal more physical damage and have increased chances to surprise the enemy.
+2 Increased Vigor When an opponent is under the influence of Alchemical Affliction, you cause more damage to that foe every time you use it.
Base Physical  Damage  64
Weapon Benefit
Gribeauval Halberd The weapon has a long reach and high-damage statistics.
Ranged Attack By staying at a safe distance from the Aegis, you’ll be able to shoot him for additional damage.
Explosive Grenade The explosion from this projectile is so intense that it will damage anything nearby and even wobble them for a moment.

Steelrising Class Three: Dancer

The Dancer is an incredibly skillful class that specializes in not only speed but also agility. Since dance class improves endurance, Aegis can do more chain attacks for better results. In Addition, the Dancer is a class that thrives on agility and will be ideal for gamers who enjoy mobility gameplay.

Dancer Stats:

Attributes Benefit
+3 Increased Agility Agility improves Aegis’ immobilization and physical damage.
+2 Increased Vigour When an opponent is under the influence of Alchemical Affliction, you cause more damage to that foe every time you use it.
Base Physical  Damage  52
Weapon Benefit
Armored Fans This weapon is ideal when you want a rapid counterattack.
Block Aegis’ will absorb incoming damage and extend the fan simultaneously.
Flame Grenade Aegis will be able to shoot a burning projectile that detonates upon impact.

Steelrising Class Fourth: Alchemist

Alchemist is the magic-oriented class that can have powerful effects on enemies, ranging from igniting them to freezing or electrocuting them. Alchemists also excel in defense, making them difficult adversaries. In addition, the Alchemist is the most capable of utilizing status ailments in the game, known as Afflictions.

Attributes Benefit
+3 Increased Elemental Alchemy By using this, Aegis can resist and counter alchemical damage more efficiently.
+2 Increased Engineering Improved chance of finding loot, more EXP, and effective Alchemical Afflictions.
Base Physical  Damage  45
Weapon Benefit
Glass-core Batons When charged with Frost, this dual light weapon can do a high amount of Alchemical damage to the enemy.
Invocation of Ice This move will coat your weapons in Frost, making them more effective against your enemies.
Alchemical Resistance Vial This projectile will nullify any alchemical Arts used by enemies.

This is everything that you need to know about the starting classes in Steelrising. You can also check out our guide on where you can find the different outfits in the game.