For achievement and unlocking the victim trophy, you need to locate all the fashion outfits in Steelrising. Each outfit has different parts that you need to collect. Search in the following seven districts to find all fashion outfits inside chests.

  1. Saint-Cloud
  2. Les Invalides (First Visit)
  3. La Cite
  4. The Tuilieres
  5. Luxembourg
  6. Les Invalides (Second Visit)
  7. Montmarte


    • Location #01: Once you have triggered the Vestal head right from there, look for a trunk near the fountain. You will find Polignac Cap in there.
    • Location #02: The other outfit part that you will be looking at here is Muscadin Bicorn and Coat. Search for a chest that will be near a gate. Kill the primary boss in the area and move to the other side using a bridge.

Les Invalides (First Visit)

    • Location #01: Go towards the Gross Caillou, where an area is burning. From an elevated point, you will see your opponent firing at you. Above him is a point that you can climb. After reaching there, follow the path that will lead you to a room and look for a chest to get Muscadin Culottes, Shoes, and Gaiters.
    • Location #02: Look for Diane Breeches, Shoes, and Gaiters in Eugene de Vaucanson’s workshop.
    • Location #03: Go towards the factory gate and follow the path that includes going up the stairs, jumping on hanging platforms, moving out, and going down the stairs, and all of these actions will finally lead you to a chest. Open the chest to get Diane Capeline and Redingote.
    • Location #04: Head towards de Vaucaunson’s home, look for a chest, and get Quadrilles Culottes, Shoes, and Gaiters.

La Cité

    • Location #01: Look for a chest where you defeat Unstabe Butcher in Dauphine to get citizens Top Hat and Carmagnole.
    • Location #02: Get Citizen’s Trousers and Clogs by repairing the nearby Vestal lever.
    • Location #03: While completing the side quest, sleepless look for a chest that will unlock La Rouiere Carmagnole and Culottes.
    • Location #04: Go to the sewers where there are hidden bases. look for a chest there to get Formal Bicorn and Doublet.
    • Location #05: During a side quest, Family Affair, look for Formal Culottes, Shoes, and Gaiters inside a building.

The Tuilieres

    • Location #01: On getting the fourth Vestal, that will be after the echo. Pass the golden gate that is towards the right and follow a linear path leading you to a chest. open it to get Grand Veneur Tricot and Coat.
    • Location #02:  Defeat Unstable Automat look for a chest near the Vestal area to get Grand Veneur Culottes, Shoes, and Gaiters.
    • Location #03: To get Secret du Roi Culottes, Shoes, and Gaiters, go inside the Palace de Tuileries. To reach there, demolish the horseless carriages and reach the palace gate. You will go there as part of Necker’s quest.


    • Location #01: Head straight from the start of the area and look for a building that looks like a temple. Find a chest in there to get Théâtre-Français Turban & Théâtre-Français Doublet.
    • Location #02: Defeat the Alchemist of Luxembourg and search in Dr. Lemonnier’s office to get Secret du Roi Hood and Coat. Utilize a compass to get there easily.
    • Location #03: Get Théâtre-Français Tights, Shoes, and Buskins in a chest near Cordeliers Convent.

Les Invalides (second visit)

    • Location #01: While completing the side quest Origins, you will go to Eugene de Vaucansons’s cottage, where you will get Quadrille Culottes, Shoes, and Gaiters.
    • Location #02: Go to Vestal point after defeating Treasurer of Les Invalides, where the next outfit piece, Quadrille Tricorn, and Dress, will be.


In this district, you will get two outfit pieces, namely, Smuggler’s Hat and Mandrin’s Doublet & Mandrin Culottes, Caligae and Buskins.

    • Location #01: Look for a chest at Marat’s in the vicinity of bunk beds.
    • Location #02: Next, repair an elevator close to the Marat’s place. Head down towards an area that looks like a cave. Search the area to get your last piece of outfit in Steelrising.

Outfits from Boutique in Steelrising

  • Rochambeau Coat
  • Rochambeau Culottes
  • Rochambeau Shoes and Gaiters
  • Rochambeau Tricorn
  • Polignac Boot and Gaiters
  • Poling Culottes
  • Polignac Frock
  • Polignac Riding Hood

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