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Steam Deck 2 Won’t Use 900p 90hz OLED Screen, Features 6C+16CUs


Steam Deck has been a revolutionary product in the handheld gaming space, allowing gamers to play games from their Steam library on the go. Seeing how popular the handheld has become it makes sense that Valve would introduce a new model down the line. While we have a new version of the Steam Deck that features an OLED screen and other minor tweaks, the Steam Deck 2 is reported to be released in 2026. Here is everything that you need to know.

Steam Deck 2 Won’t Have Flat Native Horizontal 900p 90Hz OLED Screen

Leaker wjm47196 claims that the Steam Deck 2 will not have a flat native horizontal 900p 90 Hz OLED screen. The leaker did mention that the configuration of the screen could change. The Steam Deck 2 will allegedly be powered by 6 cores and 16 CUs, depending on the heat dissipation. This will be a custom solution that has the supply number 8533. The leaker claims that the price of the Steam Deck 2 will be higher than the original Steam Deck and the OLED version and that Valve will continue to sell the Steam Deck and OLED variants as lower-end variants. We have got similar reports regarding the Nintendo Switch 2, reports claim that due to inflation the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 could be $100 more expensive than the original.

With the Steam Deck 2 allegedly coming out in 2026, there is some speculation regarding whether or not the Steam Deck OLED is powerful enough to last consumers another 3 years and how well the device will perform in the coming years seeing how games are becoming increasingly demanding. Even Sony is allegedly working on the PS5 Pro as an inter-generation upgrade before the PS6 is released. It is safe to assume that the Steam Deck and SD OLED are going to heavily rely on AI upscaling if they are going to provide a decent gaming experience.

In 2026, you would expect APUs to be more powerful and feature more CUs but you do have to account for the form factor, heat dissipation, and battery life. Even with the alleged 16 CUs, it is safe to assume that there will be some kind of tweaks to the clock speed to balance heat dissipation, performance, and battery life. Furthermore, 2026 is when the next generation of consoles is expected to be released. So the alleged release of the SD2 is in line with the PS6 and next Xbox Series console.

Let us know what you think about the Steam Deck 2 not having a native 900p 90 Hz OLED flat screen and whether or not you are interested in buying the device when it comes out.

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