In the realm of zombie survival games, the State of Decay franchise holds a significant place. The announcement of State of Decay 3 in 2020 by Undead Labs sparked interest and anticipation. However, recent discoveries hint at a potential release not until 2027, a detail unearthed on the Art Station profile of Nora Shramek, a lighting lead and tech artist for Undead Labs.


This information, though unconfirmed and classified as a rumor, raises questions about the game’s development timeline. The potential seven-year gap from the announcement to the release could indicate unforeseen challenges and complexities in bringing the game to life. The announcement trailer of the game showcased a possibly colder climate setting and newly infected wildlife, hinting at an evolved gameplay experience in the third installment.

Further adding to the ambiguity, a similar 2027 release date mention was found on another Art Station profile associated with Undead Labs, which has since been removed. Such a long interval between game releases is not unprecedented in the gaming world, as seen with other franchises, making the rumored 2027 release date for State of Decay 3 a possibility.

While the exact release date remains shrouded in mystery, the ongoing updates for State of Decay 2, such as the recent ‘Curveball’ update, continue to provide an engaging gaming experience in the interim. The update introduced randomly-generated events, adding a fresh layer of excitement and unpredictability to the game.