There’s a lot that Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter: World brings to the game including new monster, questlines, armor, weapons, treasures, and more. To get you started on your journey, here’s how you can start the Iceborne expansion in Monster Hunter: World.

Start Monster Hunter: World Iceborne

The first 2 things are fairly obvious. You need to have the expansion in your library and must’ve completed the game. Once you’re done and are at Hunter Rank 16, you’ll receive the following prompt:

“A major new expedition is about to begin. A Legiana has been sighted in the Ancient Forest. Talk to the Feisty Fiver near the main gate of Astera and go on a new investigation.”

As you might’ve guessed, you need to head over to the quest board in Astera and speak with Feisty Fiver standing on the left side of the area. Doing so will start up a new quest, which will have you follow the handler followed by a couple of cut-scenes.

After the cut-scenes, you’ll notice your Hunter Rank being replaced by Master Rank. With the new difficulty unlocked, head over to the Commander in Astera and you’ll head over to Hoarfrost Reach, Iceborne’s new area.

As a part of your introductory quest, you’ll be required to defeat Beotodus, one of the first large monsters in Monster Hunter: World. Once you’re done, you’ll be asked to get to Seliana.

Seliana in Iceborne expansion is your new home base where you’ll get to meet NPCs, accept questlines, and enjoy your MHW: Iceborne experience.

This is how you can start the Iceborne expansion in Monster Hunter: World. For more on the game, check out our Secret Area 17 Guide, Master Rank Assignments Guide, and Tailraider Signal Guide.

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