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Freestar Collective is one of the biggest factions in Starfield and they offer a bunch of faction quests for the player to complete. One such quest is “Where Hope Is Built,” a faction quest that revolves around the Freestar Collective. This guide will walk you through each objective of the quest, ensuring you have all the information you need to complete it successfully.

Starfield Where Hope Is Built Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: Deputized Side Quest
  • Rewards: 250XP, 5000 Credits

This faction quest begins at The Rock in Akila City. Here, you’ll need to speak with Marshal Daniel Blake. Present him with the “Job’s Done” slate, a token you acquired from the Ruffian leaders during the “Deputized” faction quest. Marshal Blake will provide you with instructions to rendezvous with Nia Kalu on the planet Polvo.

Travel To Povlo’s Orbit

Once you’ve received your briefing, make your way back to your ship and set a course for Polvo. As you approach the planet, you’ll intercept a distress signal from Ranger Nia. The distress signal reveals that Nia Kalu’s ship is experiencing engine malfunctions. To assist, dock your ship onto hers.


Speak With Nia Kalu And Repair The Ship

Upon boarding, navigate to the cockpit where you’ll find Nia Kalu, injured and in need of assistance. Introduce yourself as a representative of the Freestar Rangers, and she’ll ask for your help in repairing her ship. Three specific locations within the ship require your attention. Move through the ship, using the ladder to access different sectors, and conduct the necessary repairs.

After ensuring the ship’s functionality, return to Nia Kalu in the cockpit. She’ll brief you on the outlaws responsible for her ship’s damages and task you with confronting them.

Travel To Miatha

Fly to Miatha in the Valo System. Here, you’ll encounter the very Outlaw ships Nia warned you about. Prepare for an intense space battle against the Outlaw Ships. A pro tip for these skirmishes: position your ship behind enemy vessels. This tactic makes targeting and firing significantly more manageable. If you’ve acquired the Targeting Control Systems skill, now’s the time to use it. This skill lets you target specific parts of enemy ships, allowing for strategic dismantling of their defenses.

Land In Hopetown

With the Outlaw threat neutralized, proceed to Hopetown, a settlement on the planet Polvo in the Valo System. Inside HopeTech, Nia Kalu awaits. She’ll be stationed at the reception area, ready to debrief you on the next steps. Nia will guide you to Ron Hope’s office. Once there, patiently wait for a conversation between Ron and one of his associates to conclude.


Speak with Ron Hope, informing him about the stolen HopeTech ship’s details. He’s keen on identifying the individual responsible for this theft.

Attend Cosette’s Report

Your meeting will be briefly interrupted by Cosette, who comes bearing news: the stolen ship has been located on the planet Neon. With a solid lead in hand, Nia Kalu will direct you to Neon. There, Ranger Jaylen Pryce will join you, aiding in your upcoming mission.