Navigating the vast expanse of space in Starfield is not just about piloting ships or engaging in combat. It’s also about ensuring the well-being and vitality of your character. The Wellness skill plays a pivotal role in this, focusing on the overall health and resilience of the player.


Wellness in Starfield is all about enhancing the player’s health and resistance. As players journey through space, face hostile environments, or engage with adversaries, maintaining optimal health becomes paramount. Investing in the Wellness skill ensures that players can withstand more damage and recover more efficiently.

The Wellness skill is classified under Tier 2 and is a part of the Physical skill tree in Starfield.

Starfield Wellness Skill Breakdown

TypeTierEffectRankHow To Unlock
Novice1Increased maximum health.Rank 1: +10% max health.

Rank 2: +20% max health.

Rank 3: +30% max health.

Rank 4: +40% max health.
Rank 1: Unlocked by default.

Rank 2: To be updated.

Rank 3: To Be Updated.

Rank 4: To Be Updated.

Prioritizing the Wellness skill is a strategic choice for players who want to ensure their character’s longevity and durability in the game. By boosting health and resistance, players can confidently face the myriad challenges that Starfield presents, from hostile aliens to treacherous terrains.



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