Starfield players will often find themselves burdened with various weapons, equipment, resources and items they collect during their space adventures. The ability to carry more can significantly impact your character progression and can save a ton of time, especially when exploring planets or engaging in combat scenarios. This is where the Weight Lifting skill comes into play which falls under the Physical skill tree.


Starfield Weight Lifting Skill

TypeTierEffectRankHow To Unlock
Novice1Increase carry capacity.Rank 1: +10KG carrying capacity.

Rank 2: +25KG carrying capacity.

Rank 3: +50KG carrying capacity.

Rank 4: +100KG carrying capacity.
Rank 1: Available by default.

Rank 2: To be updated.

Rank 3: To be updated.

Rank 4: To be updated.

The Weight Lifting skill is essential for players who prefer to be well-equipped and ready for any situation. By investing in this skill, players can ensure they have enough space to carry all the necessary equipment, weapons, and items they find during their journey in Starfield.


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