When playing Starfield know that it’s not just about having the right weapon; it’s about optimizing it to its fullest potential. Weapon modifiers are the secret ingredients that can transform a good weapon into an exceptional one. Whether you’re looking to increase your weapon’s damage, improve its accuracy, or add a unique effect, weapon modifier IDs are your ticket to crafting the ultimate space arsenal.


All Starfield Weapon Modifier IDs List

Weapon Mod NameID / Cheat CodeDescription
Anti-Personnel000FF442+10% damage to humans.
Bashing000FEA072x damage with gun bashing.
Berserker000F437EDamage is increased with armor depletion.
Cornered000F428EDamage is increase with health depletion.
Demoralizing000FC884Small chance to demoralize an enemy.
Disassembler001625EB+20% damage to robots.
Explosive000FA8D6Randomly switch to explosive rounds.
Extended Magazine000FFA3BDoubles magazine capacity.
Exterminator0015DD18+30% damage to aliens.
Frenzy000FC8A4Small chance to frenzy an enemy.
Furious000EA117Increased damage with each consecutive hit.
Hitman000F2013+15% damage in ADS.
Instigating000F20132x damage to enemies with full health.
Lacerate000FFA3CChance of applying bleed effect to enemies.
Med Theft000FFA3CChance of humans dropping more med packs.
Poison00319AECChance of dealing poison damage and apply slow effect.
Rapid000FEA04+25% increase in attack speed.
Shattering000F4557Increased damage to armor.
Space-Adept000F7321+30% damage in space, and -15% damage on planets.
Space-Adept000FFA3DChance of staggering enemies.
Titanium Build000FFA3DReduce the weight of your weapon.

How To Use Item IDs In Starfield

For PC players, a simple press of the tilde (~) key reveals this hidden portal, granting you a direct line to the game’s core mechanics.

Stuck or curious about a particular item’s code? Starfield’s got your back. Just type in “help,” and the game becomes your guide. The general formula to follow is: help [item name]. Swap out [item name] for the specific item or command you’re curious about. For example, if you’re trying to figure out the code for “Credits,” your command would look like: help Credits.

Running this command not only gives you the item ID for “Credits” (for this example, it’s 0000000F) but also presents a list of related commands for that item. But what if you want to fine-tune your search? Starfield introduces modifiers to the mix. By appending the help command with these, you can hone in on specific results. The enhanced command structure is: help [item name] [filter number][form type].


With filter numbers ranging from 0-4, each serves a unique role in tailoring your search. This way, players can pinpoint the exact code or command they need without wading through unnecessary information.

That’s everything you need to know about Weapon mod IDs in Starfield. If you’re looking for weapon IDs, we those as well, and if you’re looking for all Item IDs, we have those as well.


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