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The “War Relics” quest is a faction-specific mission in the expansive universe of Starfield. As you embark on this journey, you’ll be tasked with various objectives that will lead you across different planets and systems, interacting with unique characters and uncovering hidden secrets. This guide will walk you through each step, ensuring you have all the information needed to successfully complete the quest.

War Relics Side Quest Walkthrough

Head over to Mars and speak with Hadrian in the Red Devils HQ and let her know that you found the research team. However, let her know that you still need Kaiser. After your conversation with her, follow her as she takes you to Kaiser’s schematics that will help you find Kaiser on Niira.

Go To Niira

Go to Narion system and land on Niira. Dock your ship on 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage. Find Gel and get information about Kaiser as an optional objective. However, Gel would charge 1000 Credits but you can Persuade him to bring the price down to 675 Credits. Gel will give you the location of Kaiser that will then be marked on the map.


Find Kaiser

Kaiser is in Syracuse so head over there and investigate until you hear a beeping sound that will lead to a beacon. Kaiser is near the beacon and come aliens have attached themselves to him. Remove the aliens from Kaiser and speak with him. Kaiser will ask for the password that is “Nos Belli Machinis.”

Kaiser will reboot itself if you can find MicroCell. You can craft a MicroCell or buy it from Gel. The cell comes at a cost of 11,784 Credits which is a lot of money but you can speak with Gel about using a Fabrication System in the area to make a MicroCell. Of course, you will have to spend time gathering materials to craft it.

Take The Cell Back To Kaiser

Once you have the cell, take it back to Kaiser in Syracuse to restore his power. Speak with Kaiser and then head over to Ecliptic Base where a group of hostiles are waiting. You can ask Kaiser to attack or manage the site yourself. Unit 99 will appear during the battle so take it down.

Return To Red Devils HQ

The final objective is to return to the Red Devils HQ and gather your rewards after a short conversation.