Starfield offers a unique touch of sentimentality. Unlike many RPGs where the protagonist’s parents are either absent or play a minor role, Starfield allows players to reconnect with their roots. If you’ve chosen the “Kid Stuff” trait during character creation, you have the opportunity to visit your parents in the bustling city of New Atlantis in Starfield. But this isn’t just a casual visit; it’s a chance to reminisce, receive gifts, and even make crucial decisions about your in-game finances. Ready to drop by for a family reunion? Let’s guide you through the process.


How the “Kid Stuff” Trait Works In Starfield

At its core, the “Kid Stuff” trait is all about family ties. If you opt for this trait, every in-game week, you’ll be sending 2% of your total Credits back home to your parents. While this might seem like a small amount, it’s a continuous commitment that reflects the bond between your character and their family.

kid stuff trait details, explanations.

How To Remove Kid Stuff Trait

For players who feel the pinch of sending credits home or those who want to change their gameplay strategy, Starfield offers a way out. By having a conversation with your dad, you can express your inability to continue sending money. Doing so will remove the “Kid Stuff” trait, allowing you to retain that extra 2% of your credits.

How To Visit Your Parents In Starfield (Family Apartments Location)

First things first, you’ll need to make your way to New Atlantis. It’s one of the major cities in Starfield, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating it on your star map. Once you’ve landed, head to the Residential District of New Atlantis. This area is a bit quieter than the bustling commercial zones, offering a more homely atmosphere.


Your parents reside in the Pioneer Tower Apartment complex. It’s a noticeable building with a distinct architecture that stands out from the surrounding structures. As you approach, you might even recognize some familiar sights from your character’s childhood.

Note: You must select the Kid Stuff trait during character creation to be able to visit your parents.

Pioneer Apartment location where your parents stay in Starfield.

World Encounters With Parents In Starfield

In Starfield, your bond with your parents isn’t limited to just your family apartment. As you progress through the game, you’ll have the chance to bump into them in a couple of unexpected places. These encounters not only add depth to the narrative but also provide players with a sense of continuity and connection to the protagonist’s personal life.

1. Astral Lounge Club at Neon: In a surprising twist, you’ll find your parents enjoying themselves at the Astral Lounge club located in Neon. It’s not every day you see your folks in such a lively setting, and this encounter offers a unique dialogue exchange, shedding light on their life outside the confines of the family home.


2. Akila Petting Zoo Adventure: Your parents have always dreamt of adventures, and retirement hasn’t slowed them down one bit. You’ll cross paths with them at the Akila Petting Zoo, where they’re ticking off an item from their retirement adventure bucket list. This heartwarming encounter serves as a reminder of their zest for life and the importance of cherishing moments with loved ones.

These encounters emphasize the game’s commitment to character development and world-building, ensuring that players remain emotionally invested in the protagonist’s relationships.

Perks Of Visiting Parents In Starfield

  1. Unique Conversations: Visiting your parents offers unique dialogues that help to flesh out your character’s backstory and provide a deeper connection to the game world.
  2. Gifts from Parents: Your parents occasionally give you gifts. These can range from items to consumables that can be beneficial in your journey.
  3. Sir Livingstone’s Pistol: One of the notable rewards is Sir Livingstone’s Pistol, which you receive when you visit your parent’s house. While it might not be the most powerful weapon in the game, its ammunition is easy to find and relatively cheap to purchase. It’s also considered one of the better weapons to have during the early stages of the game.
  4. Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Helmet: Your parents give you the Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Helmet after the first five missions of the game when Noel hands you mother’s note.
  5. Character Development: Interacting with your parents helps in character development, giving depth to your character’s story and keeping you informed about events in town.
  6. Grandpa’s Secret Meatloaf Recipe: On one of the visits, you can obtain your Grandpa’s secret Meatloaf recipe. This is a useful consumable item, especially when you delve into crafting your own gear.
  7. Free Ship Upgrade: After completing certain main story missions, your parents will provide you with a unique pistol. However, the most significant reward is a free ship upgrade, which is highly beneficial for players.


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