A pair of boots are missing in Starfield which gives you the opportunity to earn some credits. Finding the boots isn’t hard but what you do with them can have a significant impact on a certain NPCs life. Here’s how to complete the Boot in Starfield.


The Quest Starts In New Atlantis

The Boot quest starts when you visit UC Surplus in The Well, located in New Atlantis. Purchase any item from the store and then leave. After a short while, return to overhear a conversation between the store owner, Antonio Bianchi, and a patrol officer about the misfortune associated with a pair of boots. Once their discussion concludes, engage with Antonio, who will offer you a task: discreetly dispose of these unlucky boots at The Den, or alternatively, find a buyer for them.

Upon accepting the quest, your mission is to transport the boots to The Den in the Wolf Star System. Here, you face a choice: either place the boots in a hidden crate or sell them to a willing worker at the star station for 500 Credits. Regardless of your choice, your final step is to return to Antonio to claim your reward.

Note: You can not wear the boots yourself although they would go perfectly with the UC Vanguard Spacesuit.

Selling The Boots Proves They Are Unlucky (So Should You Sell?)

fate of the person you give the boots to in Starfield.

The twist in this tale comes after selling the boots. The buyer, unfortunately, meets a tragic end when a crate falls on his head, cementing the boots’ reputation as truly unlucky. This outcome poses a moral question: should you sell the boots, knowing their cursed nature, for personal gain? Or is it better to simply dispose of them and avoid potential guilt associated with any misfortunes that befall their new owner?