Starfield players seeking a combat-centric experience will find their match with the UC Vanguard, a faction known for its daring explorations, thrilling encounters, and fierce battles against alien forces. For those ready to take on this challenge, the UC Vanguard Spacesuit stands as a symbol of strength and resilience, a necessary companion in the harsh environments of space. Here’s how you can acquire this prized armor set:

  1. Enlistment: Your journey begins in New Atlantis, the heart of the Settled Systems. Seek out Commander Tuala in the MAST District, a charismatic leader always on the lookout for brave souls ready to defend the systems. Enlisting with the UC Vanguard is your first step toward donning the prestigious armor.
  2. The Questline: Brace yourself for a challenging series of quests and some of them will put you up against the Terrormorphs and that’s exactly what we want because it leads to the spacesuit we are looking for.

How To Get UC Vanguard Spacesuit

Mission – “Grunt Work“: This mission serves as your initiation, sending you on a seemingly straightforward recon mission to Tau Ceti II. However, expect the unexpected, as this task proves more daunting than it appears for the average recruit. Triumph over the Terrormorph, rescue Hadrian, and return as a celebrated hero to unlock the UC Vanguard Spacesuit.

Armor Specifications

  • Spacesuit:
    • Type: Spacesuit
    • Resistances: Physical: 64, Energy: 68, EM: 72, Thermal: 15, Corrosive: 0, Airborne: 30, Radiation: 15
    • Mass: 7.40
    • Value: 7475
    • Item ID: 00248C0F
  • Helmet:
    • Type: Helmet
    • Resistances: Physical: 34, Energy: 36, EM: 38, Thermal: 5, Corrosive: 0, Airborne: 20, Radiation: 5
    • Mass: 2.20
    • Value: 2540
    • Item ID: 00248C0E
  • Boost Pack:
    • Type: Boost Pack
    • Resistances: Physical: 32, Energy: 34, EM: 36, Thermal: 5, Corrosive: 0, Airborne: 20, Radiation: 5
    • Mass: 7.00
    • Value: 1960
    • Item ID: 003E3D4F

And that’s everything you need to know on how to get the UC Vanguard Spacesuit in Starfield.