Starfield has a ton of pistols that are highly effective in combat and among these weapons, The Spacer stands out as a formidable Particle Beam Pistol that can be a game-changer in combat scenarios. If you’re looking to add this weapon to your arsenal, here’s everything you need to know on how to get The Spacer Pistol.


How To Get The Spacer In Starfield

The Spacer isn’t a weapon you’ll stumble upon during a random exploration. Instead, it requires a bit of intent and direction. To get your hands on this unique particle beam pistol, you’ll need to head to Neon City. Specifically, you should seek out the Arboron shop located within the city. Once there, you can purchase The Spacer and make it a part of your weapon collection.

Key Features and Stats of The Spacer


  • Weapon Type: Particle Beam Pistol
  • Ammo: Light Fuse
  • Mass: 3.05
  • Value: 13412
  • Mod Slots: 7

Performance Stats:

  • Base Physical Damage: 9
  • Base Energy Damage: 30
  • Magazine Size: 12
  • Fire Rate: 25
  • Range: 36
  • Accuracy: 70.2%

Unique Attribute – The Spacer Rare Effect: The Spacer comes with a rare effect that makes it especially potent in certain environments. Known as the “Space-Adept” effect, this attribute grants the weapon a +30% damage boost while in space. However, it’s essential to note that when you’re on a planet, the weapon’s damage decreases by 15%. This makes The Spacer particularly effective during space combat, but a bit less so during planetary skirmishes.

The Spacer isn’t just a standalone weapon; it’s also modifiable. While it comes with certain mods pre-installed, players have the flexibility to further customize it using mods compatible with its base weapon. Novalight is the base weapon for The Spacer so all mods for former are compatible with the later.


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