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The Hammer Falls brings the Freestar Collective questline to a very interesting point in Starfield. The Hammer Falls faction quest is short but sweet and in this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about how to complete The Hammer Falls in Starfield.

Starfield The Hammer Falls Side Quest Walkthrough

The quest kicks off with a revelation from Paxton Hull’s slate, indicating that Ron Hope had hired him to seize farms. Your first task is to confront Ron at Hopetech, located in Hopetown. Once at Hopetech, make your way to the factory area behind the front desk. Ron Hope can be found on a platform towards the end of this facility. Initiate a conversation, revealing your knowledge about his dealings with the First and presenting Paxton’s slate as evidence.

Decision Point – Accepting the Bribe

Ron Hope offers a bribe of 20,000 Credits. If you choose to accept, you’ll bypass a confrontation with him and his security. Instead, you’ll be tasked with reporting back to Marshal Blake, albeit with a fabricated account.


Decision Point – Kill Ron Hope

If you decide against the bribe, you can put an end to Ron Hope’s illicit activities by taking him down. However, be prepared for a battle, as this decision will also draw his security guards into the fray. Should you attack Ron Hope, his security will become hostile. They pose a significant challenge due to their numbers. Utilize the cargo crates in the vicinity for cover if needed.

Speak With Brigit McDougall

After neutralizing the security threat, locate Birgit McDougall, who is hiding behind a crate. Engage in a conversation with her, where she reflects on Hope’s demise and contemplates the future leadership of his former company.

Return to Marshal Daniel Blake at The Rock and relay the information that Ron Hope had commissioned the First to annex farmlands. Hand over the evidence slate containing Hope’s directives to Paxton Hull as proof. If you had accepted Ron’s bribe earlier, you’ll be compelled to deceive the Marshal about Hope’s true intentions.

Should You Kill Or Spare Ron Hope?

In the climactic moments of “The Hammer Falls” quest, players are presented with a moral and strategic quandary: should they accept Ron Hope’s bribe or stand firm in their pursuit of justice? This decision is not just a fleeting moment in the game but has lasting consequences on the narrative and the player’s standing within the Freestar Collective. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the potential outcomes:

  • Accepting the Bribe:
    • Immediate Rewards: Ron Hope offers an initial bribe of 20,000 credits. However, with some negotiation skills, players can increase this amount to a whopping 50,000 credits.
    • Narrative Consequences: By siding with Ron Hope, players will be compelled to deceive Marshal Blake about the true nature of Hope’s actions. This involves lying about the criminal activities behind the deaths of the farmers.
    • Reputation Impact: While the incriminating tablet will be destroyed, Marshal Blake will take the player’s word at face value. The player’s standing as a Freestar Ranger remains intact, and they will still receive a significant sum of credits and the Star Eagle.
  • Rejecting the Bribe:
    • Immediate Consequences: Turning down Hope’s offer will escalate the situation, resulting in a hostile confrontation. Players will have to engage in combat, taking on both Ron Hope and his security guards.
    • Narrative Consequences: After the confrontation, players retain the incriminating tablet, which serves as evidence of Hope’s misdeeds. When reporting back to Marshal Blake, this evidence justifies the player’s actions.
    • Reputation Impact: While Marshal Blake expresses concerns that Hope’s death might complicate matters within the Freestar Collective’s Council, he ultimately commends the player for their actions.

Personal Recommendation

From a personal perspective, turning in the incriminating tablet to Marshal Blake and rejecting the bribe aligns with the values of a dedicated Freestar Collective Ranger. However, players can also choose to accept the bribe without facing any major repercussions. The decision ultimately rests on the player’s character alignment and gameplay strategy.