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Starfield players will come across a myriad of quests that challenge their decision-making, combat skills, and exploration prowess. “The Devils You Know” is one such side quest that takes you to an adventure for UC Vanguard. Centered around the mysterious Vae Victis and the elusive Dr. Reginald Orlasse, this questline will have players traversing star systems, engaging in space combat, and making choices that could have lasting consequences.

Attend The Meeting In Subsection Seven

  • Requirements: Friends Like These Side Quest
  • Rewards: 150XP, 3000 Credits

After completing the “Friends Like These” quest, you’ll be directed to attend a crucial meeting in Subsection Seven. This meeting is with none other than Vae Victis, a character who might possess vital information about the mysterious Terrormorphs. To reach Subsection Seven, utilize the elevator system and select the appropriate floor. Once there, be prepared to engage in a conversation with Vae Victis and gather as much intel as you can regarding the Terrormorphs and any other pertinent details.

Use The Intercom Inside Subsection Seven

As you navigate the area, you’ll come across a secured door with an intercom system. This isn’t just any ordinary door; it’s the gateway to the heart of the operation. Approach the intercom and use it. A voice will respond, guiding you on the next steps to take. Follow the instructions given to enter the area.


Listen to what Vae Victis has to say over the intercom who will then ask you to track down Dr. Reginald Orlasse and “deal with him.”

Note: You can speak with Deputy Macintyre and explain to her what Vae Victis wants. She will approve of dealing with Dr. Reginald Orlasse.

Speak With Captain Marquez

Head over to Wolf Star system and dock on the Chthonia planet. You need to speak with Captain Marquez who will tell you about The Warlock that might be hosting Dr. Reginald Orlasse.

Where To Find The Warlock Ship

The Warlock Ship that is rumored to be piloted by Dr. Reginald Orlasse is near an asteroid field near Etherea in the same star system, Wolf. When you get closer to The Warlock it will attack you so best to be prepared for a battle.


Should Destroy Or Board The Warlock?

This choice doesn’t matter because even if you board the ship the doctor will refuse to be taken alive. Destroy the ship because that’s faster way to move on with this side quest but if you want to board the ship that’s up to you. The next step is to get proof of his death either from his body or the ship wreck and then return to Vae Victis.

Transfer The ID To Vae Victis

Transfer the ID to Vae Victis using the Transfer System and once he verifies the ID use the intercom for a final conversation with Vae Victis.


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