In the vast universe of Starfield, the Terror Inflictor stands out as a Particle Beam Pistol that’s both powerful and unique. If you’re looking to add this weapon to your arsenal, here’s everything you need to know.


The Terror Inflictor isn’t just lying around waiting for you to pick it up. This pistol can be purchased from The Trader during New Game Plus. It comes with a price tag of 50,095 credits. However, finding The Trader can be a bit of a challenge. Her location is randomized, meaning she could be in any star system. So, if you’re determined to get your hands on the Terror Inflictor, you might need to do a bit of star-hopping.

The Terror Inflictor is a Particle Beam Pistol that uses Light Fuse ammo. It’s a relatively lightweight weapon, weighing in at 2.80, and offers seven mod slots for customization.

When it comes to its combat capabilities, the Terror Inflictor boasts a physical damage of 21 and an energy damage of 65. It has a magazine capacity of 12 rounds, a fire rate of 34, a range of 36, and an impressive accuracy of 71.7%.


One of the standout features of the Terror Inflictor is its rare effect: Demoralizing. This gives the weapon a small chance to demoralize a target, potentially turning the tide of battle in your favor.

The Terror Inflictor comes pre-installed with specific weapon mods. However, if you’re looking to further customize this pistol, it’s compatible with mods that fit its base weapon, the Va’ruun Starshard.

The Terror Inflictor is a formidable weapon in Starfield, offering a blend of power, precision, and unique effects. Whether you’re exploring unknown star systems or facing off against formidable foes, this pistol is sure to be a valuable addition to your loadout.


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