Starfield’s space combat is an inevitable part of your journey. Whether you’re facing off against hostile factions or rogue pirates, knowing how to strategically disable an enemy ship can give you a significant advantage. One of the most effective ways to immobilize an enemy ship without completely destroying it is by targeting its engines. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that:


Unlock the “Targeting Control Systems” Skill

Before you can target specific parts of an enemy ship, you need to unlock Starfield‘s “Targeting Control Systems” skill. This skill is found in the Tech Skill Tree and is part of the first tier, making it relatively easy to access early on in the game.

  • Functionality: This skill allows you to zoom in on specific sections of an enemy ship, such as its engines, during combat.
  • Skill Point Investment: Only the first rank of the Targeting Control Systems is required to zoom in on engines. Further investment in this skill enhances your lock-on speed and increases damage to locked-on ships.

How To Target Ship Engines In Starfield

Once you encounter an enemy ship, initiate a space dogfight. Your goal is to get close enough to lock onto the enemy ship.

Use the lock-on button (E/A on PC/Xbox) to lock onto the enemy ship. This process might take a few moments, but once the target is successfully locked, you’ll be ready to target specific parts of the ship.


After locking onto the enemy ship, press the weapons-ready button (R/X on PC/Xbox). If you have the Targeting Control Systems skill unlocked, you’ll start zooming into the enemy ship, and time will slow down, allowing you to focus on specific parts of the ship.

With the enemy ship zoomed in, you’ll notice different parts of the ship highlighted with text prompts. Look for the section labeled as the engines and focus your fire on that area. Successfully targeting and damaging the engines will immobilize the enemy ship, allowing you to either negotiate, board the ship for loot, or decide the next course of action without the threat of the ship escaping or retaliating.

Remember, targeting the engines and immobilizing the ship gives you a tactical advantage. You can choose to negotiate with the ship’s crew, board the ship to loot valuable cargo, or even force the enemy into a vulnerable position. The choice is yours, but always be aware of the potential risks and rewards.


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