In Starfield, the “Tapping the Grid” mission is a side quest that players can take on in The Well underneath New Atlantis. The primary objective of this quest is to locate and activate a series of junction boxes. However, the last junction box presents a unique challenge as it’s locked behind a puzzle. This guide will walk you through the steps to solve this puzzle and complete the mission.


Junction Box Locations

First Junction Box Location

Once you’ve initiated the quest with Louisa Reyez, your HUD will guide you to the first box. From Louisa’s position, head left and tread the “exit” route. Beyond, stairs await. Instead of going up the stairs, turn left towards the marker. The first box is on the wall. Flip open its panel and activate it.

Second Junction Box Location

The path to the second junction box is a bit more intricate. From the first box, backtrack past the stairs and make a right. Keep moving forward until you spot two staircases. Bypass these and continue past the Apex Electronics store. At the path’s end, you’ll find another staircase. Ascend, and you’ll come across a locked red door. Use the switch on your right to unlock it, then make a left. After opening another red door and climbing a few more steps, the second junction box will be right behind a retractable door. Open its panel door and activate it.

Third Junction Box Location

The third box is conveniently located just one floor below the second. Since the door ahead is locked, you’ll need to backtrack to the entrance, then make a left down the stairs near the previously mentioned red door. The junction box will be at the path’s end.


Fourth Junction Box Location

Head back to the vicinity of the Apex Electronics store and the double stairs. With the stairs to your right and the store behind you, move straight ahead until you find another staircase. Ascend it, following the quest marker, until you reach a gray metal door. Inside, the fourth junction box is secured behind a puzzle.

Solving the Fourth Junction Box Puzzle

Louisa hints that the solution involves playing with some switches to bring the circuits down. Your task? Get those four green lights behind the electrical panels to light up.

Here’s a step-by-step to crack this:

  1. Start with the Panels: On your left, you’ll see a series of electrical panels. Your goal is to interact with them in a specific sequence to activate the green lights behind them.
  2. Sequence Matters: Initially, turn off the first three panels. This will light up the first and third green lights.
  3. Final Touch: Now, flip the far-left panel back on.

Fourth Junction Box Puzzle Solution Sequence

  • Far left
  • Middle Left
  • Middle Right
  • Far Left again.

Tapping the Grid Junction Box Puzzle Rewards

Quest PlanetJemison, Alpha Centauri
LocationNew Atlantis
Quest GiverLouisa Reyez
Rewards・XP: 75
・Credits: 2500


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