In Starfield, the SysDef Formal Uniform is a coveted piece of apparel that players can acquire. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get it and what it offers:


One way to obtain the SysDef Formal Uniform is by siding with the UC SysDef during the “Eye of the Storm” Faction Mission. After aligning with them, players must complete the subsequent mission, “Legacy’s End.” The uniform is rewarded after the successful completion of this mission.

The SysDef Formal Uniform can also be found in various random locations throughout the game. Players can discover it in crates, on corpses, or purchase it from different vendors. Being vigilant and exploring various areas can lead to finding this apparel.

  • Defensive Stats: The uniform provides Physical Damage Resistance of 5, Environmental Damage Resistance of 15, and Electromagnetic Damage Resistance of 25. It also offers resistance to environmental hazards, including Corrosive (10) and Radiation (15), making it quite beneficial in hostile environments.
  • Bonus Effects: Wearing the SysDef Formal Uniform grants players a +5% Intimidation chance, which can be crucial during certain interactions.
  • Basic Stats: The uniform has a mass of 1.30 and a value of 525, categorizing it as a low value per weight item.

For players who want to spawn the item using a console command, they can do so with the item code 003329B4.

SysDef Formal Uniform Mods

While the SysDef Formal Uniform itself cannot be crafted or modified, players can enhance it with various effects using ID Codes. Some of these include:

RelaxedActions use -5% O20013DDF7
Resourceful+5 Carry Capacity0013DDFC
Commanding+5% Intimidation chance0013DDE2
Tailored+5% O2 Recovery0013DDFE
Sanctums BlessingHealth slowly regenerates while in lower than Earth gravity000FFDBC
Resilient+10 Health0013DDFB
Analytical+5% chance of Research Sudden Developments0013DDE1
Stealth LiningBecome 25% harder to detect002EC4B9
Influential 2+10% Persuasion chance0013DDF6
Versatile+5 Health and O20013DE00
Renegade+5% Critical Damage0013DDF9
RestorativeMedical items restore +5% Health0013DDFD
Disciplined+5% Reload Speed0013DDE3
Weapon DesignerChance to craft weapon mods without using resources000FF7F9
Influential+5% Persuasion chance0013DDF5