The “Surgical Strike” mission kicks off when you discover that a threat made to a farmer is more than it seems. Your primary objective is to track down Maya Cruz. However, locating her proves to be a challenging task. Before going on this mission, it’s recommended to arm yourself with weapons, ammunition, and aid items. Bringing a companion along can also be beneficial, especially during the later stages of the quest.


Starfield Surgical Strike Side Quest Walkthrough

Your first stop is The Clinic, located in the Narion System, northeast of Alpha Centauri. To reach Narion, you might need to pass through the Sol system. Once in Narion, The Clinic is situated on a Star Station in the rings of Deepala. Ensure you have the Surgical Strike mission active for easier navigation.

How To Find Maya Cruz

Upon arriving at The Clinic, make your way inside. As you venture past the reception area, you’ll find yourself in a spacious main room. Direct your attention to the right, and you’ll spot the Ranger’s Office. Inside, Ranger Ben Armistead can be found diligently working behind his desk. Engage him in conversation.

As the dialogue unfolds, you can choose your responses. However, the crux of the conversation will lead you to accompany Ben to meet Ari. Engage in another round of dialogue with Ari, and then follow him to a terminal situated in the center of the room. As Ari settles down, he’ll soon disclose a puzzling fact: there’s no record of a patient named Maya Cruz. This revelation suggests she might be under a pseudonym.


Ari will then provide two potential matches fitting Maya’s description: Candace Doolin and Jane Nakamori.

Deciphering Maya’s True Identity

From here, you have two primary methods to uncover Maya’s true identity:

  1. Utilizing the Security Skill: If you have the Security Skill, a unique dialogue option will emerge during your conversation with Ari. Opting for this will grant you access to the terminal in the Ranger’s Office. Here’s how to proceed:
    • Head to the terminal opposite Ranger Ben’s desk.Choose ‘Admin Access’.Navigate to ‘Active Processes’.Finally, select ‘Query: Disruptor Mk4’.
    This sequence will unveil that the root of Ari’s technical issues stems from a patient named Catalina Rivera, located in the V.I.P section of The Clinic. It’s highly probable that this is the alias Maya Cruz is using.
  2. Interrogating the Patients: If the Security Skill is not available, you’ll need to take a more hands-on approach. Dive into the ward rooms and initiate conversations with both Jane and Candace. As you piece together their stories, it’ll become evident that neither aligns with Maya’s profile.After this investigative detour, return to Ari. He’ll present another potential lead: a patient named Catarina Rivera in the V.I.P section. This aligns with the earlier revelation, further solidifying the likelihood that Catarina Rivera is, in fact, Maya Cruz in disguise.

Accessing the VIP Section

Entering the VIP section requires a key card. Dr. Titus Cassidy, who oversees the area, possesses this card. You can:

  1. Persuade Dr. Cassidy to hand over the card.
  2. Use the Medicine skill to impersonate a medical professional.
  3. Stealthily steal the card from his office.

How To Persuade Dr. Cassidy

If you’re someone who believes in the power of words, then persuading Dr. Cassidy might be your best bet. After your conversation with Ari, you can usually find Dr. Cassidy in the main office. Engage him in a dialogue, and keep an eye out for the ‘Persuade’ option.


Successfully persuading Dr. Cassidy isn’t a walk in the park. You’ll need to accumulate six points within three dialogue turns. While it might be challenging on the first try, being assertive on subsequent attempts might just do the trick. Sometimes, a firm stance can make all the difference.

Using The Medical Skill

For those who’ve honed their Medicine skill, a unique opportunity presents itself. After your chat with Dr. Cassidy, you’ll have the option to impersonate a medical professional. This ruse is quite effective, as Dr. Cassidy is easily convinced and hands over the key card without any fuss. It’s a smooth and hassle-free way to gain access.

How To Steel The Card

If diplomacy isn’t your strong suit, or you’re just in the mood for some sneaky action, stealing the key card is a viable option. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Start by positioning yourself at Ari’s terminal.
  • Scan the surroundings until you spot a doorway labeled ‘Staff Area’.
  • Venture through this doorway and immediately turn left. You’ll notice another door with ‘Dr. Cassidy’ inscribed next to it. This leads to his office.
  • Once inside, your target is the safe mounted on the wall behind his desk. It’s secured with a novice lock, making it relatively straightforward to pick.

Investigating The Clues In The Clinic In Starfield

The Clinic in Starfield is not just a place of healing; it’s also a hub of secrets, especially when it comes to the VIP section. If you’ve managed to gain access, be prepared for challenges and discoveries alike.


1. Bracing for a Surprise Attack

As you push open the doors to the VIP section, brace yourself. An active turret mounted on the ceiling will immediately start firing at you. Your first order of business? Neutralize that turret. Once the immediate threat is dealt with, proceed with caution to Catarina’s room on your right.

2. Tread Carefully: Traps Ahead

Catarina’s room isn’t just a regular patient room; it’s booby-trapped. Both the bed and the medical box in the room are rigged with mines. Approach with caution and disarm or avoid the mines to ensure your safety.

3. The Search for Maya Cruz

Upon entering the room, it becomes evident that Maya Cruz is nowhere to be found. However, she’s left behind clues that can help you trace her steps:

Clue One: The Modified Terminal

  • Positioned near the door, you’ll find a modified terminal. Access it.
  • Choose the ‘Command Override Mode’ option.
  • Proceed to disable the program.
  • Navigate to ‘Terminal Access Logs’.
  • Select the top entry labeled ‘C.Rivera, Guest’.

This sequence will disclose that Maya has charted a course for Sakharov. However, her exact location remains a mystery.

Clue Two: The Informative Slate

  • On the table next to the bed, there’s a slate waiting to be examined.
  • Pick it up and peruse its contents.

The slate provides the missing piece of the puzzle: Maya has traveled to an abandoned asteroid mine in Sakharov.

Find Maya Cruz In Abandoned Asteroid Mine

The journey to find Maya Cruz takes you to the eerie depths of the abandoned asteroid mine in Sakharov. This desolate place, with its echoing silence and dark corners, holds the key to the mysteries you seek.

1. Arrival at Sakharov

Upon reaching Sakharov, dock your ship and prepare to venture into the mine. The entrance beckons, and as you step in, the weight of the mine’s history and its secrets press down on you.

2. Delving Deeper

The mine’s layout is intricate, with winding paths leading deeper into its heart. As you navigate, you’ll come across a door blocked by four pins. These pins, positioned on either side of the door, need to be destroyed to grant you access. Once inside, continue your descent, always alert to the mine’s potential dangers.

3. The Computer Terminal

Your journey will lead you to a floor housing a computer terminal. This terminal, once accessed, unlocks a new section of the mine, beckoning you to explore further. As you exit the terminal area, follow the newly revealed path, always vigilant.

4. Another Barrier

Your path will be interrupted by another locked door. But this one has a lever on its right side. Engage the lever, and the door will grant you passage.

5. The Crystal Tower

As you continue, a sight will capture your attention: a towering structure made entirely of crystal. This tower, shimmering in the mine’s dim light, houses a lab at its pinnacle.

6. The Encounter with Maya Cruz

Climbing to the top of the crystal tower and entering the lab, you’ll finally come face-to-face with Maya Cruz. Contrary to expectations, she doesn’t put up much of a fight. Instead, she engages you in a conversation, revealing her desperation and desire for an end. She pleads with you to end her life, but you need answers.

In a twist, Maya hands over an encrypted tablet, hoping it will provide the information you seek. With a final request for solitude, she asks you to leave her in peace.


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