The “Supra Et Ultra” mission in Starfield is the starting point for those looking to join the UC Vanguard Faction. This mission becomes available right after completing the first main story mission and arriving in New Atlantis on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. This guide will walk you through the steps to complete this mission, from joining the UC Vanguard to taking the Vanguard Exam.


How To Join UC Vanguard In Starfield

The mission kicks off at the main MAST Building located in the heart of New Atlantis. This towering structure is hard to miss. Inside the lobby, on the right side, you’ll encounter Commander John Tuala. While you’ll meet him during the second Main Quest with Sarah Morgan titled “The Old Neighborhood,” you can also approach him at any other time if you wish to join the UC Vanguard later.

Commander Tuala will provide insights into the nature of Vanguard work, which ranges from combat assistance and repairs to cargo hauling. He’ll also highlight the benefits of obtaining a UC Citizenship, such as a cash bonus, discounts at UC Shops, and even the opportunity to buy a home in New Atlantis.

Register For The Vanguard

Once you’re ready to join, Commander Tuala will guide you to an elevator leading to the Orientation Hall on a lower level. Here, you’ll find several terminals along some kiosks. Interact with one to view the Enlistment Agreement. After going through the pages, click on the “Agree” button. However, ensure you have no outstanding UC Bounties. If you do, you can clear them at a Bounty Self-Service Kiosk near the landing pads.


While this part is optional, it’s a valuable opportunity to delve into Starfield’s rich history and lore. The hall showcases dioramas, displays, and mannequins that narrate significant events like Earth’s end, the colonist movement, the emergence of new factions, and the Colony War. This historical context will be crucial for upcoming Vanguard missions.

Vanguard Exam Guide

At the end of the exhibit, an elevator will lead you to the Exam Room, where you’ll find two piloting simulators that replicate real space battles. Engage with Exam Proctor Samuelson to understand the exam’s requirements:

  • The objective is to defeat a minimum of three waves of simulated opponents. Clearing these rounds qualifies you for the next mission phase.
  • Six total tiers of opponents are available. Overcoming more than three waves grants an enlistment bonus.
  • You can retake the exam as many times as you wish to improve your score.
  • All tools and resources at your disposal can be used during the test.

Before starting, check the break room on the far right to find a Skill Magazine titled “Vanguard Space Tactics.” This magazine permanently boosts your ship missile damage, which can be beneficial during the exam.

Note: The Simulation Controls panel near the door offers debug tools that can enhance your performance for a single tier. These tools can upgrade your shields, increase damage, or even summon an ally ship. If you have a point in the Security Skill, you can hack an advanced lock to access more potent upgrades and a powerful level 62 allied ship.


The subsequent tiers will test your piloting skills and combat strategies. Each tier presents unique challenges, from powerful enemy ships to multiple opponents. Depending on your performance, you can earn varying amounts of credits as a reward.

Review Your Simulation Scores With Tuala

After the simulation, return to the MAST Lobby and discuss your exam results with Commander Tuala. He’ll evaluate your performance, considering factors like your time spent in the orientation hall and your use of debug tools. Depending on the tiers you completed, you can earn your UC Citizenship in a timeframe ranging from 10 years (minimum performance) to just 3 years (maximum performance). However, rest assured that this process will likely accelerate as you progress through the faction questline.

Upon concluding the mission, Commander Tuala will formally induct you into the UC Vanguard. He’ll then direct you to Crew Chief Hearth at the spaceport near your ship for your first assignment and additional rewards.

Supra Et Ultra Rewards



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