Players have the freedom to make choices that impact not only their journey but also their relationships in Starfield. One such relationship dynamic involves the protagonist’s parents. Initially, players with the “Kid Stuff” trait will find themselves sending credits to their parents. However, as the narrative unfolds, there might come a time when you’d prefer to keep those credits for your own adventures. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to stop this automatic transaction.


“Kid Stuff” trait signifies a close bond between the player and their parents. As a result, players with this trait will automatically send a portion of their earned credits to their parents. It’s a gesture of support and care, reflecting the protagonist’s upbringing and values. However, you also get a few gifts in return every now and then from your parents. But if you want to save up credits and stop sending money to parents in Starfield, here’s how.

How To Stop Sending Credits To Parents

For players who feel the pinch of sending credits home or those who want to change their gameplay strategy, Starfield offers a way out. By having a conversation with your dad, you can express your inability to continue sending money. Doing so will remove the “Kid Stuff” trait, allowing you to retain that extra 2% of your credits. However, this decision comes with its own set of consequences, so choose wisely!

  1. Visit the Family Apartment: Begin by heading to the family apartment located in Neon City. This apartment is the primary residence of your parents and serves as the central hub for most interactions related to the “Kid Stuff” trait.
  2. Engage in a Heart-to-Heart: Once inside, approach your parents and initiate a conversation. This dialogue is crucial as it provides an opportunity to discuss your financial support and the reasons behind it.
  3. Choose the Right Dialogue Option: As the conversation progresses, you’ll be presented with various dialogue choices. Look for the option that conveys your desire to become more independent and stop the automatic credit transfers. This choice will lead to the removal of the “Kid Stuff” trait.
  4. Confirm the Removal: After selecting the appropriate dialogue option, the game will prompt you to confirm your decision. Remember, removing the trait is a significant choice, and it might have repercussions on future interactions and narrative arcs.

What Happens After You Stop Sending Money

Once you’ve successfully removed the “Kid Stuff” trait in Starfield, you’ll notice a few changes:

  • Financial Independence: No more automatic credit transfers to your parents. You’ll retain all the credits you earn, giving you more financial freedom for upgrades, purchases, and other in-game expenses.
  • Altered Relationship Dynamics: Your relationship with your parents is practically over. Both of them will move out of their apartment and you’ll won’t be getting any gifts from them in the future.

My recommendation: The best way to deal with this situation to wait until you get Grandpa’s Secret Meatloaf, Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Helmet, and Sir Livingstone’s Pistol before you cut off the money. You can learn more about parent’s gifts you get in Starfield in a separate guide.


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