In Starfield discretion can be the difference between life and death on many occasions. For those who prioritize stealth and the element of surprise, Starfield offers a specialized skill set tailored for covert operations. The Stealth skill in Starfield is designed for combatants who value the ability to approach targets undetected and eliminate threats with silenced weapons. This skill is not only about being unseen but also about maximizing the damage potential when striking from the shadows.


The Stealth skill falls under the Physical Skills Tree and is one of the best ones you can invest in.

Starfield Stealth Skill Breakdown

TypeTierEffectRankHow To Unlock
Novice1Unlock the ability to kill with a silent weapon and approach enemies undetected.Rank 1: Introduces a Stealth Indicator. Sneaking becomes 25% harder to notice. Silenced weapons gain an extra 5% damage during stealth attacks.

Rank 2: Enhances the Stealth Indicator. Sneaking efficiency increases by 50%. Silenced weapons benefit from an added 10% damage in stealth mode.

Rank 3: Sneaking becomes 75% more elusive. Silenced weapons receive a 15% damage boost during stealth attacks.

Rank 4: Sneaking is now twice as effective. Silenced weapons get a 20% damage increase in stealth. Doors you engage with in stealth mode won’t tip off adversaries.
Rank 1: Unlocked by default.

Rank 2: To be updated.

Rank 3: To Be Updated.

Rank 4: To Be Updated.

Mastering the Stealth skill in Starfield can provide players with significant tactical advantages, especially in scenarios where a direct confrontation might be lethal. By understanding and investing in this skill, players can navigate hostile environments more safely, take out threats without raising alarms, and ensure their survival in the challenging world of Starfield.


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