In Starfield the Spaced trait represents a character’s adaptation to the void of space. This trait indicates that your body has become acclimated to the conditions of space, offering both advantages and drawbacks depending on your environment.


How Spaced Trait Works

  1. Space Acclimation: When in space, aboard a ship or space station, your health and oxygen levels receive a boost. This is especially beneficial if you find yourself in locations with a faulty Grav Drive or damaged gravity systems, which can propel you into Zero-G conditions.
  2. Surface Drawbacks: While the Spaced trait offers benefits in space, it comes with a downside when on planetary surfaces. Your health and oxygen levels decrease when you’re on a planet’s surface.
  3. Incompatibility with Terra Firma: The Spaced trait cannot be combined with the Terra Firma trait due to their opposing effects.

How To Get Spaced Trait

  • Character Creation: At the beginning of Starfield, players can select the Spaced trait as one of their initial three trait choices.
  • Console Commands: For those who enjoy customizing their gameplay, specific console commands can be used. To add the Spaced trait, input the command: player.addperk 00227FE2. If you decide to part ways with the trait, use the command: player.removeperk 00227FE2.

To remove this trait you can also visit a doctor at Reliant Medical. For a fee of 10,000 credits, the Spaced trait can be removed. Reliant Medical facilities can be found in locations such as New Atlantis, Neon City, and Cydonia.

Is Spaced Worth It

The Spaced trait can be a valuable asset, especially for players who spend a significant amount of time exploring space. The health and endurance boost in space can be a lifesaver in challenging situations. However, the decreased health and oxygen on planetary surfaces can pose challenges. If you’re a space explorer at heart and plan to venture more into the cosmos than on planets, the Spaced trait might be the right choice for you.